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With the Universal ADB Driver download you get a driver package with which you your Android smartphone can connect to Windows. While drivers are automatically installed after connecting the Android device with the Windows computer normally, but in some cases, the installation fails.

In these cases, the Universal ADB Driver is used. Especially for Windows 8 owners to download the Android driver packs suitable.

Universal ADB driver for all Android devices

adb driver-downloadHowever, the use of the driver is not only suitable for Windows 8, but also older versions of Windows. Moreover, it is irrelevant whether a 32- or 64-bit system is used. The newest branch of the operating system of Windows only supports verified drivers, so some phone are not recognized. If the ADB drivers installed once, the Android smartphone or tablet is usually detected directly and without problems. The drivers come from the hand of the renowned Android developer Koushik Dutta (aka Koush).

Thanks to the ADB driver no longer has to be manually searched for proprietary drivers of individual manufacturers and individual smartphone models. If the ADB downloaded driver, it can be used with almost any imaginable Android device to connect it to the PC. Particularly suitable the download, then, if the verification system under Windows has a connection Android device so far prevented and if only unsigned drivers are to be found for a device.

ADB driver download and installation

If the ADB drivers installed on Windows 8, it shows the selected after downloading "Further Information" and sets the option "Run Anyway". In addition, already installed Android drivers should be removed from the hard drive to avoid errors and problems. Further information on the Universal Treier can be found at XDA Developers. Developer Koushik Datta is also behind the Clock Word Mod.

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