Steam: Enable Offline Mode – Play Without Internet

Some game that you buy on Steam are also available via the so-called Steam offline mode. This article covers the application, execution and maintenance of these games and all of course the Steam offline mode itself.

In some cases, if an Internet connection is not possible or desirable, for example for single player experience or LAN parties, it may be advantageous if you convert their Steam client to offline mode. Certain, but not all games can be played without continuous Internet connection.
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Steam Offline mode: Thus, the mode is set

A prerequisite to be able to play certain games nowadays, is a distribution platform like Steam. Do you want but not all the time while you play, stay online, then there is the practical Steam Offline Mode, with which you can play without an internet connection most games. So you can do this but first, you have to take some steps to ensure that the mode is active.


  1. 1. Selects during ongoing Internet connection and while you are logged into Steam, under File to Offline mode out
  2. 2. To account data is stored along with the password of Steam on your computer
Steam_OfflineDo you want to play offline in Steam must previously activate their offline mode
  1. 3. If the offline mode is now activated, you have not log in you, but you can no longer play or on the Internet receive updates for games or Steam itself.

Steam Offline Mode open when the servers are down

Have not set up in time to offline mode before a downtime, you can pass through a simple text file anyway to offline mode.

  1. 1. Opens for the Steam directory where steam.exe is (Standard: C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ Steam)
  2. 2. Has here a new text document by right-clicking
  3. 3. Writes the two paragraphs:
    • BootStrapperInhibitAll = enable
    • Force Offline Mode = enable
  4. 4. Save the document as .cfg and calls it Steam
  5. 5. The next time you Steam automatically enters the offline mode

Steam Offline Mode: What play offline?

Steam in offline mode, no successes or achievements can be obtained also communicate with Steam friends and groups is no longer possible. So why want to play offline, if they do is a lot more going online?

Simple: In the offline mode of Steam multiple players can play together under the same account on a LAN server. Business made this idea with Valve's own multiplayer titles Counter-Strike, Left4Dead and Portal, thus for the one needed only one copy.

Additionally, the offline mode if previously set up correctly, the only way to access some games in your library when the servers of steam are once again offline.

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