The worst horror movies of the world and of all time

It was once the worst horror movie in the world. Many went in search of the absolute horror enjoyment and landed in the arid desert of cinematic mediocrity. But rescue is approaching: We have - gathered some of the most extreme films of the horror genre for you - depending on your taste.

The horror genre has become as old as broad: Since 1910, with Frankenstein, the first horror film has been released as a silent film, the genre differentiated into various subcategories. The spectrum ranges from psychological horror, slasher, splatter and gore than vampire, zombie and monster horror to the exploitation film, Tortureporn, body horror and rape and revenge film.

2008The BEST horror films of the past 10 years

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Briefing: Why it is almost impossible

The question of the worst horror films is to answer virtually impossible objective. And that is because:

  • The genre of the horror film is effectively aesthetically defined, say, horror films looking the viewer the Feeling of fear, terror and bewilderment trigger. Although throughout history of the horror film genre some typical cinematic means - such as the jump scare - have developed, whether as a banal thing as intimacy can trigger anxiety.
  • Whichever Subgenre of horror films you like best, the assessment, which is the worst horror film varies.

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Butter fish: What are the worst horror movies in the world?

We present to you at this point a selection - divided by classics and more recent horror movies - the worst horror movies.

Horror films of the past 20 years:

    • martyrs© Wild Bunch Distribution

      Martyrs to form Horror in the form of cold, systematic violence with the higher, philosophical goal of a martyr: (the French original from 2008 by Pascal Laugier, not the American remake). And here you get the original and the remake in a &# 8211; on Blu-ray. The original French version is available here first in the G-18 version:

Best on
  • A Serbian Film: Serbian film made in 2010: The former porn actor Milos is hired for one last rotation, which is different than expected.

A Serbian Film on Blu-ray or DVD*

    • Audition: A Takashi Miike-movie from 1999, in which it is not clear whether it is in the torture to dream or reality. On Blu-ray, there is a special edition:
Best on
  • The Human Centipede II: Follow-up to The Human Cetipede by Tom Six. Very well-made horror by disgust. If interested, you can find the movie on Blu-ray from Amazon:

The Human Cetipede 2 watch*

  • calvaire© WVG Medien

    Calvaire: Psychological Horror by Fabrice Du Welz. A movie for all those atmosphere in movies is important. This film is not easy to get, but here it is available on DVD:

Buy Calvaire on DVD*

  • I spit on your grave: Classic, well-made rape and revenge film from the year of 2010.
Best on
  • irreversible: Also a rape and revenge film, but on the border of auteur cinema. Special feature: The story is told chronologically from behind.

Irreversible in the stream Amazon Video*

The classic of the genre

  • Alien: In 1975, the film series with the threat of aliens began. The prequel to Alien, there are cheap at Amazon:
Best on
  • Shining: Not necessarily the worst horror movie, but un extremely well done an absolute classic from 1980 by Stanley Kubrick.

Shining in the stream Amazon Video*

  • the Exorcist: Demons and ghosts horror from 1973. The name is in this movie.
  • HalloweenMichael Myers Halloween roams the night in search of victims &# 8211; absolute cult and classic. Meanwhile, there is a series of all 10 films.
  • PsychoMasterpiece of Alfred Hitchcock. Marion Crane steals $ 40,000. After she leaves her home, her life is terrible.


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