activate satellite view: Google Maps

Maps are maps and so does Google Maps is primarily a map series. But still, for most the Google Maps satellite view is likely to be the most interesting. So it is activated!

activate satellite view: Google Maps

Google Maps is probably certainly the most important map of the world. It can be reached is present on every system in the browser and on any mobile device with an excellent app. But when you start looking to each point and the current position ever shown us only as drawn map. And most users actually want that Google Maps displays the world from the perspective of a satellite. But that's not hard ...10813Winload Google Earth Map Video

Google Maps satellite view in the browser

Accessible in a browser we do not see the world in Google Maps like a satellite, but like a map. That definitely makes sense, after all, means &# 8220; Maps&# 8221; no photos but cards. For a quick orientation that is not bad. But most want rather know &# 8220; What is the situation where the lives?&# 8221; or &# 8220; What is my street from above, and I can see my car?&# 8221;

Clicking on Earth we turn Google Maps in satellite modeClicking on Earth we turn Google Maps in satellite mode

The switch between the map view and the Google Maps satellite view is done faster than you might think. When you start Google Maps simply, we see the map, top left box, and below are some icons. bottom left is a tiny picture with the caption &# 8220; Earth&# 8221 ;. Here we turn to Google Maps for satellite display!

Google Maps from satellite viewGoogle Maps from satellite view

In the satellite view Google Maps has the same place again an image that now is a card and also with &# 8220; Map&# 8221; is labeled. At this point, the user can thus also switch back to the map again.

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Google Maps satellite view in the app

Also in the Google Maps Apps there is a satellite view. Which is just not possible with a tap, but hidden in the background menu.

The Google Maps Satellite View hidden in the appThe Google Maps Satellite View hidden in the app

So you switch the app to the Google Maps satellite image:

  • open App &# 8211; it adjusts to the current position
  • In the lower left area there is a kind of semi-transparent slide. Clicking on it will move the map to the right and opens the background menu.
  • There we can now enable Google Maps views satellite. By the way can also find the public transit or bike paths View on. The current traffic situation of the current map area can show.
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