ARK – Survival Evolved: tips to help you survive the first time

ARK - Survival Evolved: tips to help you survive the first time

Victoria Scholzon 31/08/2017 at 18:29

After two years in the Early Access ARK appeared: Survival Evolved now as a full version for PC and console. We took the opportunity to completely revise our Tips for Survival Game once again and to tell you the best tricks that you survive the first hours guaranteed!

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Heaps of dinosaurs, slowly emptying needs and weather conditions, which catch a cold or you get a sweat &# 8211; ARK: Survival Evolved can be an incredibly difficult game for beginners that makes you despair quickly. Therefore, we recommend you to play in single player first, to open a local server and internalize you the first basic game elements. Who wants equal playing on a server must also note some. Best played first on a PvE server, since you here &# 8220; only&# 8221; must arrive against enemy dinos and not even malicious players.

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In this Bilderstrecke we want you show the best beginners tips, the you ensure survival in the first few minutes. not desperate to ARK: Survival Evolved. You will probably have to start several times, if you changed anything on the server settings. but you learn how it performs quickly and effectively the first steps that constitute a good basis for the rest of the game.

What's next after the first minutes of the game in ARK?

Have you clicked through the images you line and do not know how shall carry on her? Just check out our Trophies and achievements to ARK: Survival Evolved on. They give you clues what you can do even more to prolong the fun. Do you not know also how you receive an achievement, you'll find more tips for activation in the linked guide. You can also spend Create the Endbossen. Has her all the maps, there are exactly four bosses who stand to you in the way.

To be prepared, but to them, you should take a read through not only our tactics against all raid bosses, but also leveling fast. As you hires that you see in the following video:126596Ark Survival Evolved - Tips for quick levelsback to articleNext photoComments on this Photogallery Opinion of the author:

What tips to ARK you notice an even?

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