DPD complaint online, submit by mail or on the phone

The DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution GmbH & Co. KG is one of the larger Courier express package service providers in Germany. In the number of packets that are processed daily by the staff and transport, it can of course be difficult to avoid that there is damage or problems with the delivery time and again. If you personally you had problems with the delivery of a package, you can you complain to DPD course.

The appellate body of the DPD can thereby phone, online, accessible by mail or by post. Depending on how urgent your concern is, you can you opt for the direct or indirect contact path.

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DPD complaint with damage to the package & further problems

dpdMost complaints received by the package suppliers, it will probably go to damage to the contents of the package. But even if the parcels is unfriendly or just does not ring, even though you are home, you can complain to you of course. If a package is not there on time, you have but not equal Complaint. Looks to previously where the package is:

  • The DPD Online offers a tracking where you can check where and in what processing phase your mission is located.
  • With the DPD Navigator you can control during delivery, when or where the packet is delivered beyond.
  • With the service Parcello you can see the hour when a package will arrive.

If still not get the package, however, you've got to at the central, Germany-wide Customer Service at 01806 373 200 turn. DPD will then determine the reason for the delay or verlorengegeangene broadcast. Even if encountered in the delivery of damage to the contents of the package, you can contact you to customer service.

phone numberTalk Time Mon. &# 8211; Fri.Talk time SaturdayCost per call
Customer service01806 373 20007:00 &# 8211; 19:0009:00 &# 8211; 14:00 clock0,20 € (Ger. Fixed network), max. € 0.60 (dt. Mobile)

DPD complaint by mail, contact form or fax

DPD delivery MAN

To contact the DPD for problems, you must, of course, does not necessarily make calls with the service staff. You can also DPD in different ways achieve writing:

  • Email can you directly [email protected] Send or do you use the contact form on the official website of the DPD.
  • Who home still has a fax machine or a printer faxtauglichen, DPD can also be a fax to the 01806 373 202 send.
  • DPD is also active in the social networks represented. You can reach the parcel service on the official Facebook page or on Twitter @dpd_de.

Picture sources: Vytautas Kielaitis / Shutterstock.com, dpd.de

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