WinSIM: Which Network and APN settings?

If you use the mobile operator WinSIM, but have problems with the cell phone reception or mobile Internet connection, you should network and APN settings checked and adjusted if necessary. We explain how it works and what network WinSIM actually uses.

Actually automatically gets your smartphone after inserting the SIM card SMS network service provider WinSIM sent that automatically sets up the phone for MMS and mobile internet connection. If that goes wrong, you but sometimes you have to do this manually correct settings.

Quick Tip: Just write a SMS with the content mobile the number 80,100th WinSIM then sends you the necessary configuration data on your smartphone. If that does not work, we show you below the manual settings.

112988APN settings
  • Setting up APN settings (Internet access point): O2

WinSIM: Which network?

  • WinSIM is really just a brand that is part of the company Drillisch.
  • Here, the mobile operator usually uses the Network of the operator O2.
  • O2 in turn works with Vodafone together.

The WinSIM logo.The network quality is therefore not as good as that of the competitors Telekom (D networks), but I can as WinSIM customer do not complain. So far, everything worked just fine. If it comes with you about issues that you should the APN settings if necessary adjust properly.

WinSIM: APN settings

APN stands for Access Point Name. If it is set up properly, you can connect it your smartphone to the Internet. Below you see the APN settings of WinSIM, a data connection to the O2 or Vodafone network build:

APN (access point) (GPRS WAP) (GPRS MMS)
IP address82.113.100.38139007029001 (GPRS WAP)
139007029017 (GPRS MMS)
username(Leave empty) (Leave empty)
password(Leave empty) (Leave empty)

How and where the settings make on your Android or iOS phone need, we show you in the above video.

Tip: If you have been abroad and now are back in Germany / Germany, then your phone switched off and on again. This existing connection problems are solved quickly.


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