What is a hotspot – and how to use it?

In principle, a hotspot is a stationary access point for&# 8217; s internet. Is it different from your home WLAN and what you should look for when using, we will tell you here.

First of all, we want to issue a warning when it comes to the use of public hotspots. What is a hotspot but a publicly usable access point to the Internet, someone else has control? And there lies the problem. Ye not know what happens with the data, run by you, and to you about such a hotspot. The data theft door to be opened.

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For this reason, you should not just use any available hotspot. In addition, it is advisable to send any traffic through a free hotspot and receive the user names and passwords requires &# 8211; lso better anyway get no emails, no bank transactions, but look for commands or on Facebook.

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What is a hotspot?

The difference between a hotspot and a private Wi-Fi access is located in the target group. As your private wireless access points might still used by the family and guests, are Hot spots from the outset to a public use created. And also there has to be once again a distinction between free and paid, as well as between open and secure access.

what-is-a-hotspot-free wifiMany cafes offer free hotspot

Throughout the country there are at prominent points Telekom hotspots. Under certain conditions, Telekom customers can login. For this, the customer must complete certain contracts. Other users will lose Internet access via these hotspots generally.

Another type of hotspots found in many cafes or at fast-food company McDonald&# 8217; s. In almost all its restaurants, the Burger Shack offers customers free internet access. This MD hotspots are available 3 hours a day. In cafes, there is usually no time limit. While her at McDonald&# 8217; s hotspots do not need a special password, you have this sometimes ask in other restaurants or cafes in personnel.

And then there are totally free usable hotspots, such as the network of free radio. This network allows each free and unhindered access, without controls or barriers. It is based essentially on a voluntary community where many individuals share a portion of their access bandwidth with the public. Particularly active the community was to stay with their families in conjunction with the free supply where such a possibility is given to the refugees.

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Private hotspots and problems

The biggest problem of these hot spots is the so-called nuisance liability. 2016 was finally decided by the federal government to abolish the nuisance liability. But even today there are problems, where an individual simply decides to make its network even passers available. Because the expansion of the &Provider privilege; # 8220&# 8221; only affects small businesses. A coffee shop is not responsible for the data traffic to its guests. A private citizen already.

In simple terms, this means: If one's wireless Internet access available to the public without requiring a unique user identification and check, you're responsible for all violations of the law of these users. Are sucked through this port by total strangers pirated or offered, then hold the rights holder harmless when connecting owners. Under these conditions, the fun can pass it to share its connection in the form of a hotspot with other one already.


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