Fritz box Firewall: How to disable & amp; activate?

If you have a Fritz box, you may wonder where the firewall settings and you can as you disable the Fritz box Firewall or activate. We'll tell it to you, the following tip.

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Fritz box Firewall: Where are the settings?

Each Fritz box is factory-fitted with an internal firewall - or more precisely - equipped hardware firewall. It allows for only the connections that were requested from their own network. By default, all TCP and UDP ports for incoming connections from the Internet are closed. This connected network devices such as PC, smartphone or tablet are already protected from Internet attacks. Also known as port scans then show no open TCP or UDP ports, like to take the hackers as targets.

Danger: A router's firewall should be disabled as well as NIE, as it is a significant protection against attacks, viruses and malware of all kinds. Nevertheless, under Windows a virus scanner is necessary.

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Fritz box Firewall: Disable & activate

In the user interface of the Fritz box, there is no specific setting to disable the Fritz box Firewall. It is capitalized (except for the case you see below). If you have to open permanently for a particular application a port, such as a VPN connection, you can do that in the settings:

  1. Opens the user interface of the Fritz box.
  2. Selects the expanded view (bottom left), if not already done.
  3. In addition, an Internet connection is required.
  4. Clicks left on the menu item Internet shares.
  5. Above, you can access the tabs on port forwarding or VPN settings.
  6. This sets her quasi Fritzbox your firewall.
  7. completely disable it can not be for security reasons.
Per port forwarding and VPN settings you can change the Fritz box Firewall settings.Per port forwarding and VPN settings you can change the Fritz box Firewall settings.

How to share their ports or can establish a VPN connection, learn it here:

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Exception: If the Fritzbox the Internet connection of another router uses (IP client mode), the firewall is not active! But then on the other router, a firewall should be set up.


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