Kodi add-ons: Unofficially officially – Top 10 of the best expansions

Add-ons are best known as browser extensions, but also for the platform-independent software Kodi, formerly XBMC, there are several optional modules that you can expand your home theater PC. A selection of these add-ons, we present you here.

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Kodi runs on Linux, Windows, OS X, Android and iOS systems and allows you as a media player to listen to both music than to watch any movie images, as well as live TV or record. On the web and on the homepage of the software you can download a number of add-ons in order to use various services and programs with Kodi. However, these add-ons are developed in most cases from third parties and Kodi is not responsible for their content.

Kodi add-ons: General information

The offer on the Kodi site currently includes 923 add-ons in the fields of audio, video, images, screensavers, skins, weather, games, programs, web interface, subtitles and some more. In addition, however, there are still various other add-ons that do not appear on addons.kodi.tv because they are not officially recommended by Kodi.

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  • On the web you can find numerous collections of course unofficial add-ons - so-called repositories &# 8211; and not all of them offer illegal content or cheer you when malicious software downloaded from &# 8211; However, you should just expect and see if you really think the source of trustworthy. Apart from that, you need a little more know-how than if you down load the add-ons using the built-in Kodi interface and installed for the installation of these add-ons.
  • Some of the add-ons, straight out of the movie and music area, due to the copyright rules have a country-specific offer &# 8211; Therefore, it may happen that you are denied access to certain content. Kodi has you by the relevant add-ons out that you have to take care of themselves for the legal safety of your action.
  • Kodi leads a blacklist on which you can read all banned repositories and add-ons. The list is interesting in that they allow you to quickly see whether an offered add-on accessing illegal to copyrighted.

Note regarding the legality of use of some kod add ons

  • Add-ons that do not work, the functions of the media center may affect, in front of you are not always immune even with the official add-ons. Currently provides, for example, the Twitter add-on for error messages in Kodi. often should you the message &# 8220; Search Error &# 8211; No Results&# 8221; receive, it may help if her Addons → Services → Twitter feeds goes and function disabled.

Kodi add ons for twitter feed is not working

Kodi Add-Ons &# 8211; List of the best unofficial extensions

This little list just imagine the most promising add-ons from the unofficial area &# 8211; However, purely speak for information and without a download recommendation or the software to link. Downloading at your own risk &# 8211; regarding the legality and safety of your computer.

  1. Add-on installer for Kodi: Extremely practical &# 8211; acts as a kind of app store and helps you to to browse your add-ons optimally and to keep track.
  2. transmission: A torrent client, who brings no spyware and spam to user information.
  3. genesis: Gives you access to a comprehensive collection of links to TV shows and films, making use at various sites. Most of the links are naturally of users, so the quality is not always the best, and some links also broken.
  4. Phoenix: Perfect for TV lovers: This add-on will show you lists of live TV streams from around the world &# 8211; hundreds of channels.
  5. Tuneln Radio: Also ideal for tablets and smartphones &# 8211; This popular radio and podcast service opens you access to 100,000 radio stations and more than four million podcasts.

Network Cinema kodi add on

Indispensable official Kodi Add-Ons

All official add-ons Kodi be found sorted into categories on the website in the add-ons and of course in the browser of Kodi itself in the appropriate categories. Installing the add-ons that can be found at Kodi is extremely simple:

  1. Radio Tunes: The whole range of free radio streams from all musical genres. Also for SoundCloud or Apple iTunes there is an official add-on, and for many individual radio stations such as Germany and Radio Co.
  2. YouTubeThe largest range of add-ons available in the Video area. Logical that since YouTube may not be missing, but here you will certainly find it more interesting Kodi additives. For anime fans, for example, recommends Funimation or Crunchyroll (only with premium membership). For fans of the series episode Hunter might be recommended, that ye may gain an overview of what you have already seen and have to see urgently. Netzkino.de offers 100% legal movies, but you do not even want necessarily see some of them
  3. CU LRC LyricsThis add-on concern you the lyrics of your MP3 files.
  4. Break PicturesIf you want to post funny pictures like before others see them, since their good advice with this add-on &# 8211; thousands of opportunities to laugh every day.
  5. ROM Collection Browser: A must-have for retro gamers! With this add-on you your games-ROMs and emulators can be used in Kodi.

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