Skype: Change Name – Here’s how

As with almost every online service you need to select a nickname even with Skype to sign you. The login name can be chosen freely. About the name you can find via Skype to other users. If you are not satisfied with the name, you can change your Skype Name.

Skype: Change Name - Here's how

The desire to change his account name, can have different reasons. You may have prescribed you and noticed the mistake too late or name reminds you of someone you want to forget. Regardless of the cause, we show you how you can switch to Skype the display name.

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So you can change the Skype Name

The account name that was chosen during registration, in retrospect, can not be changed. Well but it is free to you, a new name to choose, shown friends and other Skype users. Gets the menu "Display" on the profile. At the top right in the profile window your current name is visible. Click this and changes the content accordingly.

  1. skype-name-ModifyLaunches Skype and log you a.
  2. Clicks left on the "View" button in the menu bar.
  3. Controls the "Profile" section at.
  4. Via the opening sub-menu, you reach the option "edit profile".
  5. In the new window, the data specified in the application can be viewed.
  6. Right next to the profile picture is your Skype name. Click to highlight the name to add a new name.
  7. "Enter" to accept the input. From now on you are on Skype with a new name on the go.
  8. Note that you can only change the above window name. The "Accounts" designation can not subsequently adjusted. However, this name is just for you and not your contacts or other Skype users to see.
  9. Should you not be satisfied with this designation, you've got to willy-nilly up an all-new Skype account.
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Skype name change (Manual 2016)

The election of a new Skype name should align their especially after your usage. Do you use the Messenger mostly private, you can choose a loose term. Who mostly uses Skype in a professional environment, should choose a reputable name for itself, however.

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