Third-party barrier set at O2, Telekom, Vodafone and more

With a smart phone you have access to numerous apps for different purposes. On Android devices, the offer in the Google Play Store and other alternative app stores is not so strictly controlled, as is the case in Apple's App Store. To prevent that the smartphone for personal bankruptcy machine, you should set up a third-party barrier.

Third-party barrier set at O2, Telekom, Vodafone and more

With a third lock prevents you step by downloading an app in the cost trap by z. B. unintentionally a subscription is terminated or fraudulent practices perpetrated by SMS to you. The lock is an effective protection against expensive subscription traps.

  • Third-party lock on o2
  • Third-party lock on Vodafone
  • Third-party barrier at Telekom
  • Third-party barrier at Mobilcom-Debitel and E-Plus
  • Third-party lock on 1and
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Third barrier: no rip-off via app or SMS

The interior of the third barrier differs from vendor to vendor. The protection against falling costs must be requested directly from the network provider.

  • Especially in the wedding of annoying ringtone providers the public demand for a third-party barrier.
  • Today, the smartphone costs case may be, by such. B. be sent inadvertently and unknowingly paid SMS from the controller itself, which make the phone bill to skyrocket.
  • Also within dodgy apps banners can be integrated, after which click you suddenly unconsciously signed a contract. Cashed will be on the mobile phone bill. the first bill is often also the first awareness of the cost trap. Already by driving a banner ad, the phone number required can be automatically transmitted to the charge. With the third lock of unintended withdrawal will put a stop.
  • For May 2012, the Telecommunications Act was amended.
  • The amendment stipulates that mobile operators now have a Setting up third-party lock have to.
  • This can be your part requested by an application. The device is free. more rip-off by SMS or in-app purchases with a third barrier

In §45d TKG states thus:

The participant may require the provider of publicly available telephone services and the provider of the connection to the public telecommunications network that the use of its network access to specific number ranges for the purposes of § 3 point 18a is free of charge network side blocked, as far as technically possible. The release of the blocked number ranges may be chargeable.

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Third barrier: No more rip-off and subscription trap

Depending on the provider, the method to be blocked paid services and subscribers on its own device is different:

Third-party lock on o2

O2 you have three different ways to set up a third-party lock:

  • Full lock: All premium services are disabled (download paid apps for. Example, ringtones, music downloads, etc.)
  • Third-party: Only o2 services continue to function, but no app stores
  • Third-party: Third-party premium services are blocked, o2 services, app stores and mypass are possible.
  • To set up the third-party lock on o2, take contact with the customer service number 55222 on.

Keep your o2 customer number ready when you call, so that the customer can react quickly.

Third-party lock on Vodafone

  • Login you an in My Vodafone.
  • Click on "My Mobile" - "Device" - "Mobile payment" - "Mobile payments".
  • Here you can disable them using mobile paying.
  • Here you is to choose whether only subscriptions or subscriptions and individual purchases are to be blocked from third parties.
  • Alternatively, you can lock the third at Vodafone under number 1212 activate.


Third-party barrier at Telekom

  • With a mobile phone contract with Telekom you can contact by phone with the telecom service to activate the third lock.
  • Calls for this speed dial 2202 at.
  • Here you is to choose whether their games, chats, "From 16" content and more want to lock.

Third-party barrier at Mobilcom-Debitel and E-Plus

  • Even with Mobilcom-Debitel you have to contact you the hotline to set up a blocking third party.
  • Used for this is the 040-55 55 41 000th
  • Mobile you can also use the number 22 24 0th
  • Alternatively, you can take on you to perform the lockout on the spot the way to a Mobilcom-Debitel branch.
  • E-Plus you call the Speed ​​Dial 1000 at.

Of course you can with other providers such as base 1&1 and Co. set up the third lock. Simply contact the appropriate service to avoid that your smartphone into account is grave. Some providers such as DeutschlandSIM the third lock is activated even from the outset.

Third-party lock with 1und1

To block premium SMS and premium numbers with 1und1, you have the one&1 Call Control Center app. Login you use the 1&1 Customer ID and password in the Control Center one. Selects the corresponding wireless service plan, and controls in the contract overview the &Settings; # 8220 & Services&# 8221; at. Here you can find the &# 8220; SIM card services&# 8221 ;. The overview can &Premium services; # 8220&# 8221; to be chosen. There you can separately &# 8220; Premium SMS&# 8221; and &# 8220 and premium short codes&# 8221; disable to protect you from unwanted costs. The Control Center you can also unlock the services again.

Do you have the third-party barrier set up too late and you are already tapped into a money pit, you can complain about the accounting item and file an objection in general. The complaint must be offered the claim.

With us you also learn what you can do when the PUK has been forgotten. We also show you how to give apps and can disable in-app purchases.

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