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You want to listen to the live Pro7, but the TV is already taken or you have no TV socket? Meanwhile, it is easily possible, free and legal to watch the live stream of the transmitter &# 8211; both in the browser, and also with the tablet or smartphone. How to do it and what alternatives else do you have, learn it here. 

For Pro7 live stream via TV movie live*

123413ProSieben Live track with the 7Pass

ProSieben live stream for free in the browser

The free live stream of Pro7 and all other ProSiebenSat.1 stations are available on 7TV. All you need for this is a free 7Pass access. How you wear you this, we have summarized here briefly for you:

pro7 live stream Login pro7 pass

  1. Calls on the link to the live stream of Pro7.
  2. There you will be asked to register you, if you still have an account. If you already have one, you log in you an order.
  3. When registering you your e-mail address to give, choose a password, give your names, last name and your date of birth and click on Registration.
  4. You can click still a tick that their newsletter or information about program & want to get Co., but this is not mandatory. This question will be provided to you by the way more often.
  5. Then have to open her your e-mail inbox and click the link in the mail from Pro7.
  6. After that you are unlocked and can login to you with your new login for ProSieben, Sat.1, Kabel Eins, Sixx, Pro7 and Sat.1 Maxx gold.

pro7 live stream 7pass

Pro7 Live Stream Free & iOS

With the individual transmitter Apps ProSiebenSat.1 Sengergruppe it is possible already since August 2016 on Android and iOS devices free Pro7 & Co. to see the live stream. So far, the 7TV app - which unites all stations with an app - exempt. Since mid-October 2017 is now well with the 7TV App possible to follow the live stream of all ProSiebenSat.1 stations. As with the live stream on the browser you need is a free 7Pass account for this.

7TV - Library, TV Live StreamdownloadQR code7TV - Library, TV Live StreamDeveloper: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbHPrice: Free 7TV - Library, TV Live StreamdownloadQR code7TV - Library, TV Live StreamDeveloper: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH *Price: Free ProSieben - Free Live TV and media centerdownloadQR codeProSieben - Free Live TV and media centerDeveloper: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbHPrice: Free ProSieben - Live TV, Media CenterdownloadQR codeProSieben - Live TV, Media CenterDeveloper: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH *Price: Free Start Photogallery(9 pictures)TV apps for Android: Free with tablet & TV Smartphone

live alternative legal streams (Magine, TV Movie & Co.)

For people who are looking mainly online television, also a subscription of a TV streaming provider may be worth. Drivers who would like to see other stations, get more here offered in a comfortable package.

On the TV streaming market who want to convince you with special offers, special features and the widest possible variety of channels from its service more and more competitors, frolicking. Often you can use free of these services at least for the public broadcaster. However, those who ProSieben & want to see Co., has to change over to a pay package.

These premium packages offer not only ProSieben course many other stations, which differ slightly depending on the provider. In the following table we have summarized the various vendors and their prices and other features so that you can gain an overview easier for you:

providersPackage (Price / month)transmitterOthers
magine TV*
  • Basic (10 Euro)
  • Premium (20 Euro)
  • 35+ transmitter (20 HD)
  • 65+ channels (30+ HD)
Pay-TV channels in the premium package, available as an app for Xbox One & PS4 available
live TV movie*
  • Premium (9.99 Euro)
  • 70+ transmitter (35 HD)
  • Premium (9.99 Euro)
  • 50+ transmitter (35 HD)
other packages bookable, as an app for Xbox One & available 360
  • Comfort (4.99 Euro)
  • Perfect (14.99 Euro)
  • 65+ transmitter
  • 70+ transmitter (33 HD)
, Pause cloud Recorder broadcast (Couchfunk)
  • (Pro TV9.99 Euro)
  • 50+ transmitter
some English & French channels

What to do with missed shipment?

If you do not watch the show can, because you are prevented, you can also simply with Save.TV * record or other online recorder. Since 7TV but at the same time also serves as a library for the ProSiebenSat.1 stations, you will find many shipments later also to again-should watch.

What TV streaming provider do you prefer or simply uses her free offers of 7TV and the public broadcasters? Let us know in the comments.

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