Castle Season 9: Deposed! Fillion had signed – ABC broke up

Unlike Firefly &# 8211; the other series with Nathan Fillion in the lead role &# 8211; Castle put on continuously. Already the eighth season of the ABC series is underway and a ninth season was most likely until recently. Stana Katic was out, Fillion had signed, ABC has announced the official end of the eighth season. Handkerchiefs out! 

UPDATE: 05/13/2016: permanently discontinued Castle

The season finale on 05.16.2016 will be at the same time the series finale. ABC has actually decided against a continuation of the series. Ultimately, the end was already in the air when it became known that Stana Katic would not get a new contract, but most were expecting a shortened ninth season. In principle, it is only logical now but discontinued the series, because only with half a dream team of the station certainly could not improve the odds of the series. The have declined substantially over the past two seasons, of average ten million interested in the end only scarce 7 million.

What happened before&# 8230;

How can shock the fans an investigator teams sustainable? You simply eliminated the partner. This cruel act ABC apparently wants to actually go through with the crime series Castle. Castle & Beckett will probably be no more. Nathan Fillion has now signed and the ABC will appear until May 06 to inform the studios and show runner to extension.

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Castle Season 9 &# 8211; Next season actually without Stana Katic

On May 16, the finale of the eighth season will go on transmitter and ultimately it is now a matter of a few hours until ABC officially confirmed the ninth season. Stana Katic was informed some time ago that their contract will not be extended due to the small budget. Castle on the back burner? An interesting decision whose backgrounds are as yet unclear which of course open wide doors for various speculations. There was controversy on the set? Nathan Fillion has bullied his series partner out? Has it taken care of discord? None of these questions can be answered with established facts, we will probably have to wait until the parties are ready to officially comment.

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When Castle Season 9 comes to Germany?

  • Currently, no one knows whether the ninth season comes at all. The odds have dropped sharply with the eighth season, and still there is no official statements.
  • Rumor has it that the ninth season would be reduced to 13 episodes when it is really produced.
  • Everything should take its normal course, one might expect that the ninth season of Castle celebrates in September 2016 in the US premiere.
  • Germany will get served the shipments accordingly later in all probability on free TV again Sat. 1 &# 8211; but not before the Spring 2017th
  • Who has a subscription to a VoD provider, the consequences can probably earlier in Amazon, Netflix & Retrieving Co., where her now in Season 8 Stream *Castle Season 9: Deposed! Fillion had signed - ABC broke up can see.
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