LG Bridge – which it is and how it works

With LG Bridge you can with smartphones or tablets from LG easily and quickly send from the phone to the PC files. What you can not do with the software and how it works, we will tell you the following article.

LG Bridge - which it is and how it works

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With LG Bridge you your LG smartphone from LG G4 or LG Tablets can either wirelessly or via a USB cable connected to your PC and manage them. The program lets you in this simple data, images and video transfer, or helps you going to make a backup of your device from LG backup. Also, you your LG devices with LG Bridge can update and restore. In another article we tell you how LG SmartShare works or how you can customize with the LG G5 screenshots.

LG G4LG Bridge works with LG smartphones from LG G4.

So you can download LG Bridge

Before you can use LG Bridge to manage files and devices, you need to download only times the software. The LG site is a bit bumpy to navigate, but so you can find the software:

  • Go to the German website of LG
  • Now click on "Software & Firmware ".
  • Now you must choose your phone or tablet.
  • In the next step you available software among other things, the download for LG Bridge is displayed.

LG Bridge: Management data with LG AirDrive

Have you installed everything, you can manage your data on LG AirDrive for example, and replace - whether music, photos or videos. Are PC and smartphone or tablet on the same network, you can it to a USB cable dispense and complete the exchange using the wireless connection. The practical: the shuffling works very simply via drag and drop.

93976LG G5 in the test: With modules for boredom

LG Bridge: all information securely with LG Backup

Whether it is a virus that makes the smartphone a full end or the phone did not survive a fall. A backup is useful not only in exceptional cases. Using LG Bridge and the LG Backup Tool can you selbiges easily. The backup includes this:

  • Securing the LG home screens
  • Saving device settings
  • Storage of your applications
  • Copy your contacts

However, on the PC you can not see the backup, plus you need an LG smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can check with LG Bridge and the version of the device software of the instrument. If necessary, you can then also perform an update by LG Bridge.


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