YouTube app not working or reproducing error – solution and help

From time to time users complain that the YouTube app not working and possibly also indicating playback errors. We show what you can do to bring Youtube running again.

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When the YouTube app stops working or indicating reproduction errors that several reasons can have. are affected usually Android phones, iPhones and tablets. These error messages can be displayed:

  • Playback Error: Tap to to try again
  • Video can not be loaded
  • error at loading
  • Not available offline
The YouTube app has stopped displaying video.The YouTube app has stopped displaying video.

YouTube app not working or reproducing error - solution and help

The Youtube app update to smooth out problems.The Youtube app update to smooth out problems.

Who on his Android phone or iPhone problems with the Youtube app should first check the Google Play Store or App Store, if the current version of the YouTube app is installed. After an upgrade to the latest version the problem will often even if Youtube still does not work, try the following in order to get back up and running.:

  • Check if a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection is present
  • Restart the smartphone
  • uninstall the Youtube app and reinstall
  • Check that the own Google account has been suspended and if necessary use the Youtube Help.

If the problem is not resolved, remember, if you have changed any settings on the smartphone or tablet. also checks whether the app also does not work on other mobile devices. If that is the case, the problem is probably not with you but with Google. The group has been responsible for mistakes of the YouTube app in the past.

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Youtube app does not work: Google's fault

In the past, there were often problems with the Youtube app. This can happen if Google has released about an update that does not run smoothly, or the service is not accessible for other reasons, such as a server overload.

On the website there are also older APKMirror Youtube versions.On the website there are also older APKMirror Youtube versions.

Remains to install for you even attempt an older Youtube version via the associated APK. Old versions of the YouTube app takes her about on the website APKMirror. Until the problem is solved, you can otherwise also the YouTube web page with your browser app without calling the YouTube app to use.

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