German train: check delays currently online

The German track and delays &# 8211; an ongoing issue that drives many travelers to despair. Trains are not on time, be late or fall completely and travel planning gets completely messed up. Thanks to the Internet but you can inform about delays at Deutsche Bahn and at least regain a bit of planning security online. We show what options are available and clarify how it looks with the refund of the ticket price in case of delay.

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German train: check delays currently online

Current information about routes and connections can be found on the website of the Deutsche Bahn. Here you can see if trains currently stuck on the track and inform you about the arrival and departure times in the individual stations. In addition, the German railway offers a Germany-wide view of traffic delays and Beinträchtigungen of the train service. To be always up to date, you can you also be notified to the delay alarm via email.

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The information on arrival to give you information as to whether the trains enter the station on time or start time. Just give each station (optional line / train number of your connection) and it opens a window where you can find an overview of all current connections. On the right side you can see whether currently a train is late or contracts on another track.

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German train late: Live Monitor with Track info

Another way to check the status of individual compounds provides you live information with information on all connections on a route: Here you get an overview of all the trains that currently run on the track, also is predicted whether a connection arrives on time. Just give a start and destination station and the desired time &# 8211; then you get an overview of the current connections and predicts whether subsequent connections will run on time.

Live information

  • The live information you can call her before start up to 12 hours.
  • However, the German railway calculates the prediction based on the current traffic situation &# 8211; Therefore, it is advisable to check again just before departure if the traffic situation has now changed.
  • Trains that fail completely, are not displayed in the live information &# 8211; Here you've got to check on the spot or in the latest traffic information (see next section).
  • For more information about current changes you get on the railroad hotline.
  • Also read how you can book retrospectively at Deutsche Bahn, the seat reservation or change.

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In addition to information about routes and stations German Rail also offers an overview of current traffic reports and interference that may cause delays &# 8211; Here you see whether short-term traffic delays are present and can submit your travel plan accordingly.


Click on the map simply the respective State to &# 8211; on the next page you see the latest news, such as Damage to overhead lines, road closures and the like. In addition, the German railway still offers its own page where you can check construction-related schedule changes. Here, too, you just click on the respective State and then see at a glance all the latest changes.

German train: delay and refund of the ticket price &# 8211; money back

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If a train leaves late or fails completely, you have the thing does not let it rest on itself, but can a refund of the ticket price to apply your money to get back. Here you have the following rights:

  • 60 minutes late at the destination station to get passengers one way 25 percent of the fare paid refunded as compensation from 120 minutes late 50 percent. When tickets for a return trip the German railway calculate the compensation on the basis of the half paid fare.
  • The extra charge for the ICE-Sprinter ticket will be refunded from 30 minutes late.
  • Track Time cards of national and city transport will be compensated per delay sweeping off to 60 minutes. Where: At the time cards total more than 25 percent of the time ticket value will be refunded.
  • Compensation amounts of less than 4 Euros are generally not reimbursed. Holders of season tickets of transport must therefore make claims delays and submit then collected at least two (first class) or three (second class).

To request a refund, you must register with the respective service center of Deutsche Bahn or submit an application by mail the delay. Read also the article German train: complaint with train cancellation, noise and Co. submit. An online application for processing applications for refund does not offer the German track at present. Here you can help the provider On the website you your tickets can upload and apply for a refund online &# 8211; the service is free for one application per year, then you have to 0.99 cents per application payable.

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