Debiting of GlobalCollect BV – rip-off or not?

Looking through my bank statements, I came across a debiting of GlobalCollect BV 22.99 euros, a company with which I have to do my knowledge, nothing. A subject or posting text, there was not just a long string of numbers. So I went on the net in search &# 8211; and paged met with warnings against fraud and fraud. Short panic attack. And then read out the truth from the comments.

Debiting of GlobalCollect BV - rip-off or not?

The answer is simple: Steam. Because GlobalCollect BV is a subcontractor of Wells Fargo Bank, which processes payments for various e-commerce players, including for example, Blizzard, Avira, Sony Music and even Valve. Much of the mysterious debits and transfers to GlobalCollect are due to the fact that you have just bought something online &# 8211; be it as me on Steam, the charges for EVE Online, EverQuest 2 or World of Warcraft, an Avira antivirus subscription or whatever. On the homepage is a list of case studies, although not yet include all the companies by far, working with GlobalCollect BV &# 8211; including Levi&# 8217; s, Emirates and Oxford University Press. So the alleged fraud address is a serious offer similar to PayPal, will liquidate the instant bank transfers and credit things.

I can not estimate how many of the online high written rip off cases actually using unfair machinations of a suspected second company called &# 8220; GlobalCollect BV&# 8221; related or real con artists who use the service (Leipzig?). Likewise, the reversals of Paysafecard- (PSC) wallet funds, one of which is from about reported and. Or withdrawals with domain name in the subject, of which a user clicks on told or comments here in eBay Forum *Debiting of GlobalCollect BV - rip-off or not? suggest &# 8211; with me standing in the transaction text merely a sequence of numbers.

However, before you go to the barricades, one should in account operations with the receiver GlobalCollect BV But again go into whether the charge can be explained by a legitimate process that could not bring only in conjunction with the company. So once again think carefully and look best in their own mails around the transfer or direct debit date &# 8211; in most cases, there is an order confirmation by Steam etc. for the relevant security. If you are also still convinced that the book was unlawful, one can usually make the direct debit at their bank six weeks after the operation easily reversed. I am happy now anyway even more so for the next episode of The Walking Dead Season 2, which I then purchased via GlobalCollect on Steam&# 8230;

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