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avast! Test - as avast cuts! in test reports from?


When it comes to selecting the right antivirus program designed specifically for home users and it comes to the question of whether one avast! to download free anti virus or whether it is better to opt for alternatives, many users are quite uncertain and have erhöhrten need for information.

Extremely controversial investigations of Stiftung Warentest, underwent the beginning of 2012, a total of 14 paid and 4 free antivirus programs a thorough testing and their test results for avast were! Anti virus scanners and other tools to some very sobering results arrived. So many manufacturers have expressed criticism of the testing procedures, they were antiquated, incomplete and imprecise. Although the Stiftung Warentest was later used against these objections resisted and defended their testing methods, the discussions for some time stopped.

The predicate &# 8220; well&# 8221; received only four programs during the investigation, won here &# 8220; Avira Internet Security 2012&# 8243; with an overall score of 2.1 before &# 8220; G Data Internet Security 2012&# 8243; with a score of 2.3 as well as &# 8220; Kaspersky Internet Security 2012&# 8243; (Note: 2.4). The free programs were particularly impressed &# 8220; Avira Free Antivirus&# 8221 ;.

Avast! one of the best

At a avast! test the German software manufacturer was next to Panda &# 8211; which resulted in a test of Heise &# 8211; especially in view of the relatively frequent update intervals convincing. All other tested programs updated their virus databases in part just once every 24 hours. This can cause a virus undetected relatively long and getting stuck on the PC during this time in doubt.

The functional range of free versions of avast! and Comodo also includes the respective WebScanner which suspicious or malware-suspicious software and links on a page so early to know to detect that a danger to the computer can be averted in time. In several attempts to confront the scanner with the latest virus, were both avast! as Avira also just better average; here otherwise prevailed Microsoft and Panda by far.

A fundamental shortcoming of the free anti-virus programs: None of the tools had a spam or phishing protection. So the user remains only the decision to resort to the paid versions to remain above the normal firewall that brings the operating system properly protected.

Ultimately, however, the user has to make its own impression of the performance of security programs from the published test results and the own experiences. If avast! in the test actually cut almost want to believe the official results, so everyone has to find out for yourself.

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