Sort LG Smart TV channels: Find it via USB to the PC and the TV!

Sorting of TV channels has unfortunately made little complicated at LG Smart TVs. We show with a guide on how you anyway riff on newer and older models on TV or how you can sort on the PC you on LG transmitter via USB.

to handle the transmitter chaos on an LG television, is a challenge in itself. to sort on LG transmitter is not so easy as one might think. Sometimes you can even your USB flash drive *Sort LG Smart TV channels: Find it via USB to the PC and the TV! keep on hand to arrange the transmitter using a tool on the PC. What you should know if you want to change the program assignment on the LG TV, you read below.

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LG Smart TV channels sort on the PC (for older models)

Do not agree it with the LG-Senderdortierung, you can also take remedial action at your seemingly not so smart TV. In older models by 2013 - such as the LG 55LM760S *Sort LG Smart TV channels: Find it via USB to the PC and the TV! - there is a possibility to export a channel list on a USB stick and then edit them on your computer. Do you want your LG Sort models on PC, helps you the ChanSort software. The tool not only supports sorting the program list, but also rename stations and managing favorites. It can also change child protection settings and channel lists are printed. Detailed instructions can be found in the readme file that is downloaded with the download.

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Sort LG Smart TV channels on newer models

In recent LG models to sort the channels best on the Settings app. Left-click "Program Edit" on the satellite dish icon, then tap. Individual stations can now be selected and rearranged with the yellow function key at the bottom of the screen. The button is either "Edit Channel Number" with or labeled "move".

If the Order still not be possible, which could be due to the settings for the service provider. Go to the settings menu to "DTV Cable setting" and change where appropriate, the service provider towards "others".


Alternative: Setting LG TV programs

Reset to factory settings

Are you tired of having to sort it your transmitter cumbersome, LG Electronics Germany recommends to start the process all over again. So you first:

  • Calls &Setting; # 8220&# 8221; > &# 8220; Option&# 8221; and sets your LG TV to factory settings.
  • After rebooting you answer the query &# 8220; ASTRA&# 8221; or &# 8220; FULL&# 8221; With &# 8220; FULL&# 8221 ;.
  • Selected in the following question &# 8220; NO&# 8221; off when you &# 8220; ASTRA&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; Sky&# 8221; and &# 8220; NO&# 8221; Tobe offered.
  • Now you need only when &Blind search; # 8220&# 8221; check the box and start the search.
  • Then it is possible to sort the channels manually. Goes to over &Setting; # 8220&# 8221; > &Stations; # 8220&# 8221; and pushes the time slots according to manage your preferences.
Sort LG stationsIf the transmitter by the LG, you can start with the home theater.

Sort favorite lists

Alternatively, to sort the entire spectrum transmitter can also create favorite lists. The feature is on a gray button in the "Program Edit" menu deposited. Up to four favorite channels can be created and filled with a plurality of transmitters.

external services

Another convenient way to sort the LG Smart TV channels: One relies on foreign provider services. An example is the TV App Zattoo, which is also available as an app for LG Smart TVs. The interface is much more user friendly than the LG original. Also MagineTV can be used with the LG Smart TV.

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Do you want to Sky Go play on your TV, we have elsewhere a guide for you. How can you connect a keyboard to your LG Smart TV for a more comfortable use, we showed you also stated in another article.

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