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What is my domain worth? Anyone who maintains a web page, has certainly ever asked exactly that question. Especially if you plan to resell your domain, you should first determine domain value. But on what does the off anyway? And where can you find the value of a domain and appreciate &# 8211; free best yet? In our guide you will find an overview.

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Operates its a website that is already listed some time on the Internet, it may be worthwhile to resell the site. Even if the page lists sufficient traffic, there is a good chance of finding a prospective buys of your site to a certain amount. Remains only one question: What is actually the concrete domain value? From what depends how much a domain is worth and what options are to resell the domain? In our guide we answer these questions.

Domain value estimate Product ImageThe value of a domain is dependent on many factors. but Generel determine mainly supply and demand the price of the domain.

Domain value determined: Of the value of a domain depends

If you think about it, to sell your domain, you should take a first thoughts about the value of the domain to make. In general, this is true: Supply and demand determine the final price. will be found a buyer that your domain at any price to buy, possibly much higher sums are in it, as it would suggest the objective value of a domain. Therefore, it is difficult to say how much a domain &# 8220; really&# 8221; is worth.

Still, there are some criteria and factors that are commonly used to determine the value of a domain. These include:

  • Brevity, conciseness and memorability of the domain.
  • The ending of a domain: .de, .com or other top-level domain are worth more generally.
  • Market potential and usability of the domain.
  • SEO optimization and findability in search engines (especially Google).
  • Number of back-links to the domain (other sites that link to your domain).
  • Age of the domain: Old domains are generally more valuable.
  • General market situation.

Checked first, as your domain performs on these factors and compare your domain objectively with other competitors or domains that have a similar offer. Only when you have tamed an accurate picture of the value of your domain, you should think about selling the domain online. It also also advisable to seek the advice of experts who analyze your domain and evaluate. In the next section we present some offers.

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Domain value identify, check and appreciate: free and paid

On the Internet there are numerous providers that identify the domain value and appreciate find out how much your domain compared with other competitors is worth. In general, you should from these sellers but be careful because it is mentioned above difficult to determine the value of a domain objectively.

  • One of the most popular web deals Sedo: For nearly 100.- Euro you get a customized domain value assessments and find out how your domain for search engines is suitable and how good are the general sales opportunities.
  • works similar: in addition to a (paid) Seitwert analysis also you have the possibility to monitor the domain daily.
  • Another well-known suppliers to evaluate the domain is
  • A free offer can be found on Just give the name of the domain and you will receive a free analysis and evaluation of the domain value.
  • the free site works similarly
  • Also, can you try your website on an online marketplace as Mabya for sale on these marketplaces you often get a more detailed overview of how much the domain is actually worth, as in automated method for determining the domain value.

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