ProSieben MAXX reception: all frequencies (cable, analogue, digital, DVB-T, online)

The free TV channels ProSieben MAXX brings not only the playoffs of the NFL, wrestling and the Super Bowl live on German television, but also radiates anime like One Piece, Naruto Shippuden and series like Stargate. Examined to see her for an opportunity ProSieben MAXX on TV or via app, we'll tell you below how you can receive the ProSieben MAXX program.

Speaks to you the ProSieben MAXX program, we present to you the following article the possibilities how you can receive the channel of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group. Read here, as you can see with ProSieben MAXX series like One Piece and Pokemon as well as documentaries and sports programs on your TV, Android or iOS device.

ProSieben MAXX turned on at Magine*

Video: ProSieben MAXX see with Magine

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ProSieben MAXX reception: frequency for satellite

ProSieben MAXX is transferred free and unencrypted. Do you find the transmitter is not in scanning, you can adjust it following frequency for ProSieben MAXX:

Satellite: Astra 19.2 ° East
Frequency: 12545 MHz
Transponder: 107
Polarization: Horizontal (H)
Symbol Rate: 22000 MS / s
FEC: 5/6

ProSieben MAXX online switch

Do you want to ProSieben MAXX stream and see, for example, in the browser, have the transmitter various streaming services on offer.

  • at Magine TV in the Basic package *
  • Pro7Sat.1 stations are also available at Zattoo HiQ
  • at the Comfort Package
  • in TV Spielfilm live in the premium package *

The providers offer you the right apps for your mobile devices.

More about the streaming possibilities you read our article: Pro7 Maxx live stream legal and watch for free online.

ProSieben MAXX Magine TVSource: Screenshot 06.10.2016 via

ProSieben MAXX received via DVB-T

ProSieben MAXX is also broadcast via digital radio transmission. You receive ProSieben MAXX Freeview on these frequencies:

  • Bavaria channel 34 (578 MHz)
  • Berlin: channel 56 (754 MHz)
  • Hamburg: channel 36 (594 MHz)
  • Frankfurt Rhine-Main: Channel 52 (722 MHz)
  • Kiel: channel 57 (762 MHz)
  • Lübeck: channel 59 (778MHz)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: Channel 53 = 730 MHz (Cologne / Bonn) and 55 = 746 MHz (Dusseldorf / Ruhr)
  • Nürnberg: Channel 60
ProSieben MAXX websiteSource: Screenshot 06.10.2016 via

ProSieben MAXX live stream

Are you traveling or does not have a TV, You can watch the Pro7-Maxx live stream legally and for free online. The broadcasting group has provided recently appropriate apps including multimedia libraries for their channels in the Play Store and the App Store for download.

ProSieben MAXX - TV, librarydownloadQR codeProSieben MAXX - TV, libraryDeveloper: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH *Price: Free ProSieben MAXX - Free Live TV and media centerdownloadQR codeProSieben MAXX - Free Live TV and media centerDeveloper: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbHPrice: Free

Per IPTV ProSieben MAXX Switch

You see ProSieben MAXX also via IPTV over a DSL connection. For example, at Deutsche Telekom Telekom entertainment package *:

  • Entertain: Channel 74
  • Entertain Comfort Sat: Channel 61
  • ProSieben MAXX HD: Channel 474

In EntertainTV you see more than 100 channels as well as TV, film and series highlights on demand.

Internet & Television at Deutsche Telekom*

ProSieben MAXX HD Telekom EntertainImage source. Screenshot 06.10.2016 via

An alternative is to you the Vodafone Internet Kombi & TV DSL: Here are IP-TV package with over 80 channels and movies and series on demand with digital video recorder included.

  • ProSieben MAXX: 34 timeslot

received Pro7 MAXX by Vodafone IPTV*

ProSieben MAXX: reception via cable

The relatively young channels you brings your cable provider home. found on the following program slots you ProSieben MAXX:

  • Cable Germany: 2012
  • Unity Media: 262 (ProSieben MAXX in HD: 64)

NetCologne there ProSieben MAXX analogy yet. The suitable frequency depending on the coverage area:

  • Cologne area: K31
  • Space Dusseldorf / Neuss / Remscheid: K26
  • Aachen: S38

Unitymedia ProSieben MAXX analogous available only until July 2015 and is now broadcast only digitally via the cable network.

For problems with the ProSieben MAXX reception, contacted the appropriate cable operator. What hotlines you can call and what other options you have, you read here in the articles:

  • Cable Germany disorder in TV, Internet and telephone: answers and help
  • Unitymedia disorder: Report problems with Internet, telephone and cable and check
  • Netcologne Disorder: Here you can find help with outages

For questions about the reception of the station you can also pick a Mail to the ProSieben MAXX Viewers service write.

Image Sources: ProSieben MAXX via ProSiebenSat.1 TV Germany GmbH


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