Minecraft Adventure maps that should have played their

You desire to try alone or with friends on your server one of the many exciting Minecraft Adventure maps from the Internet and to provide you the architectural and tüftlerischen capabilities of the Map builder out there? We have put together the sexiest and most unusual adventure maps of the sandbox game for you.

The 5 Best Minecraft shader:

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You have already played through Skyblock and Co. several times? Then we have some Minecraft Adventure maps for you, of which you probably have not even heard. Hot stuff, just for downloading. Ta-Daa)

In case you should ask how you ought to get up and running, the Adventure Maps:

  1. Invite you the map down
  2. Unpacked or copied the map into the directory /appdata/.minecraft/saves your Minecraft folder
    • To find the directory quickly, easily give about the Windows Search% appdata% a
  3. Minecraft starts and loads the adventure map in single player mode
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Minecraft Adventure Map: Insanity

minecraft-adventure-maps_insanityCold white walls await you in Minecraft Adventure Map &# 8220; Insanity&# 8221;

minecraft-adventure-maps_insanityYou wake up with no memory in a sterile white room. Only the recurring nightmares that relentless guards and the man in the cell next door you keep company. With the slightest chance of escape is chasing you from now through this madhouse and will carry you to the edge of your mind your adventure begins.

The Adventure Map Insanity for Minecraft is designed for both one and two players, combining wonderful puzzle and adventure together. In addition, the authors of the Map Sixix offer & xbuttonsx a background story, which you can either love or demonize.

You have to ask yourselves to your own madness the guts, I bet you can Download Minecraft Adventure Map "Insanity" here.


Not mandatory to play, but certainly recommended: The Texture Pack Jolicraft.


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