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The PS4 guarantee ensures that you present your Playstation can convert 4, if there is even a problem with the games console from Sony. But how long is actually the guarantee for the PS4? So how does the conversion at Sony and Co.? In our guide you can find the answers.

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The PS4 is a reliable console and makes you not even in the hour gaming sessions were down. But even the best equipment can happen that the console gives up the ghost, will not start or is preparing other problems. In this case, it makes sense to take the PS4 guarantee to complete and return the device. Here you will find the most important facts.

PS4 DimensionsSony offers you a warranty of 1 year for the PS4.

PS4 Warranty: One chicken and Information Exchange at Sony, Media Markt and Saturn

If your PS4 is not working properly, you can guarantee the take and return the games console from Sony or exchange. Here you are several possibilities:

  • Sony offers you for the PS4 a 12 month warranty.
  • During this period, you have the right to free repair or a replacement device PS4 Sony.
  • Turn you, best used at the Sony Support UMD help hotline, chat, and email with PS4 problems and more to get.
  • In addition, you might also be at the store where you bought the PS4, a legal guarantee of 24 months open.
Here, the following rules apply: If a fault occurs within the first 6 months of purchase, it is assumed that an article was already damaged from the outset. After six months, it looks different: In this case you have to prove that the goods had been broken and they have not only damaged her later.

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PS4 guarantee without invoice?

Generally, you need of course to take a bill to the PS4 warranty &# 8211; Finally you have the time of purchase to demonstrate and prove that you have actually purchased the PS4. Basically it is also conceivable that a trader you converts as Media Markt and Saturn, the PS4 without invoice &# 8211; In this case, however, that runs entirely on goodwill of the trader. You definitely will rely on and keep the bill for the PS4 good for emergencies, therefore, no way. This is also true for all other electronic equipment that you buy.

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PS4 warranty expired &# 8211; What to do?

If the one-year warranty from Sony expired for your PS4 is, you should first try to convert the console from the dealer, ye have bought at the. Here you have to prove then that is that the device was broken in the first place &# 8211; the dealer is fair, but it will exchange the PS4 in many cases or resolve on its own account the defect.

Is also the two-year warranty expired, you will have better or worse, bite the bullet and repair the PS4 &# 8211; or you right down a new console if the repair is too expensive. To protect you in addition, you also can apply for an extension of the PS4 warranty. For a small fee by the warranty period will be extended, e.g. additional 12 or 24 months.

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