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A console, a Blu-ray player, PC or similar current device can connect to the TV you with an HDMI cable. Normally, both the video, and the audio signal are transmitted in this way. However sometimes there is no sound.

What can you do if when playing HDMI no sound is heard? Of course you should first check whether the HDMI cable is connected properly to both the TV and the computer and there is no damage to the transmission cable. also tried to connect the cable to an alternative HDMI input. an error with the selected HDMI connection might exist, so no sound can be output. In addition, the volume should be increased to an audible level. Help all anything, we have further below solutions to sound problems with an HDMI connection.

65492What is HDMI?

With HDMI no sound on the TV? This can be done

  • HDMI ports are built into devices to transmit video and audio signals since of 2003. HDMI designates the "high defintion Multimedia Interface", which is a high-quality method for signal transmission.
  • In the normal case a new device is automatically detected by the TV when it is connected via HDMI.
  • If this is not the case, you're looking for using the remote control to the corresponding HDMI port of the playback source.
  • also pressed the Windows key on the computer and &# 8220; P&# 8221 ;. In this way, you can select as external screen on the TV. The focus is to choose from that the PC image is shown twice or laptop screen is extended. Who wants to select a movie on the big screen, selects the option &# 8220; Only Projector&# 8221 ;. The laptop screen is then black.

hdmi only projector

Before one embarks on a long search problem, the sound card driver on laptop or PC should be updated.

  1. Controls for this purpose in using the Control Panel.
  2. Under certain circumstances, one has to view the hidden devices.
  3. Searching out your graphics card. In the entry you can now update the drivers.

Under certain circumstances, you must enter the laptop nor the statement that the sound to be output from the TV:

  1. you control from the Start menu to Control Panel.
  2. Here you select the section &# 8220; Sound&# 8221 ;.
  3. Under &# 8220; Play&# 8221; can at &# 8220; HDMI / Digital Audio&# 8221; the option &# 8220; Standard&# 8221; set to.
  4. Once the TV is now connected via HDMI to the TV, and the sound from the TV is output.

In the Photogallery you see that glorious connections are threatened with extinction:

Start Photogallery(14 images)13 connections we once loved: The moribund greet us from the Crypt


If, after connecting a computer sound no sound to the TV via HDMI can, make her the following:

  1. Searches on Windows machines on the taskbar at the bottom right of the speaker icon.
  2. Open the context menu by right-clicking on the speaker icon.
  3. controls "Playback Devices".
  4. In the new window titled "Sound" can be found all the devices that are connected to the computer and can output sound.
  5. When "HDMI Output" A green check mark should be found.
  6. If this is not the case, double-click on the entry.
  7. In the new window is now controls the "Device usage" and click on "Use this device (enable)".
  8. Now the sound via HDMI should be played on the target device.

hdmi-reproducing geraete


With HDMI no sound on the TV? Solutions and help

If the HDMI device does not even listed in the playback equipment, you click in the window "Sound" with the right mouse button on a free area and then select the option "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices". Now the PC sound should be heard on the TV. Separates her the connection between computer and TV, you have to undo to route the audio output again through the PC speakers the sound setting.

Wirdweiterhin no sound via HDMI, the HDMI cable is plugged in again out of both devices and makes the connection again. Alternatively, first turn off the TV and the laptop. Are both devices via HDMI connected, now first turn on the TV and then the notebook.

With us you also learn how to connect HDMI to VGA and how to set up wireless HDMI. In addition, we tell you what different HDMI cables are available.

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