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You can use on a PC or laptop? The social media music app has now many in Germany fans who would like to use and off the smartphone. Is that possible? And if yes &# 8211; how exactly? In this article we will reveal it to you.

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446240The coolest free apps for your smartphone also increasingly developing in this country become a phenomenon among young smartphone users. With the social media app is funny short clips can be created in which the user mimic to known songs or film quotes the lip movements &# 8211; with the additional app you can now even transfer live streams. Crux: So far it all goes only in the smartphone app from, i on Android or iOS mobile devices. Therefore, many users are looking to also use the PC for a way

musically banner use on the PC: Is that possible?

To say it right away: an official way also to use on your home computer, there is not at the moment. Below you learn how to still brings the Android version of on the PC up and running &# 8211; actually this is so is not provided by the developers.

  • Musical.y is designed as a smartphone app specifically for mobile devices.
  • Because like any modern smartphone nowadays has built a powerful camera so good, with the can record videos, you can use all the features of comfortable with the mobile device.
  • Own desktop version of is therefore considered by the developers to be particularly important.
  • But since is becoming more popular and more and more users to come, it may be that still sometime optimized for computer version of app will follow.

Until then, you have to manage yourself with a little detour &# 8211; we show you how this works. Lest us also also how you can get in quickly Likes, fans and more followers.

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So you uses already on the PC and laptop running Windows

You can get up and running on your PC at least the Android version of Here, you use the Android emulator Andy &# 8211; with this tool you simulate a virtual Android environment on your PC and thus can not only but also numerous other Android apps and games start on the computer.

  • Invite you here app on your PC.
  • Then you load down even Andy and installed the emulator.
  • then follows these instructions to on the computer to restart: Andy &# 8211; So you make of your PC an Android tablet.
  • In general, the process is very simple &# 8211; you have to start actually choose only in the user interface of Andy and then start.
  • Andy you can use on the computer system, the APK.

The only drawback to this method: This makes it possible to use the computer only the Android version of Do you use for iOS, there is currently no way simply to transfer the app to your own computer.

musically Screenshot

With us you will find many other tips and tricks to

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