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On October 2, 2016, the science fiction series &# 8220; West World&# 8221; on HBO and Germany launched on Sky on US television. Even before members of the press at all excerpts from the series were shown the series remake of the eponymous film of 1973 was regarded as HBO's Next &# 8220; Game of Thrones&# 8221 ;. At the latest, after the series was shown at the beginning of the year at Sky in German, the question arises as to when it will go on with Westworld relay second

The pay-TV channel HBO is known for many successful series formats. Thanks to HBO, we had "Sex and the City", the "The Sopranos," "The Wire" and especially "Game of Thrones". Now, even in the latter end in sight and you wondered, is with what HBO probably land the next big hit? Many series fans Westworld as the successor of "Game of Thrones" and HBO are great hopes in the science-fiction production. A second season is well established, but what knows what already about the upcoming Season`?

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See here again the trailer &# 8220; West World&# 8221; Season 1:

13695Westworld - Trailer

Westworld: start of filming for Season 2

Long it was quiet, but now it's finally happening. The "West World Watchers" want to have learned that the shooting is finally under way for the second series of Westworld. Residents reported from near the "Melody Ranch Motion Picture" studios that recently been aushingen list that indicated the rotation starting on 22 June. Already a few days, Evan Rachel Wood was on Instagram with an indication that the shooting began at West World Season 2 would not be long in coming.

Corset Training has started again. Which can only mean one thing. A certain TV show is starting again very soon .... â ?? I ?? ?? ð ¤ ??

A post shared by Evan Rachel Wood (@evanrachelwood) on June 7, 2017 at 9:43 am PDT

Westworld: When it goes on with Season 2?

Just that Evan Rachel Wood has now given a further indication of the start date of the second Westworld relay in social media. So it should go for it in the spring when the new episodes:

Not every new and hyped series of US radio station is a hit. However, with over 12 million viewers who wanted to see the first season of the sci-fi Western series, Westworld could attract even more viewers to the screen, as in the premiere season of it &# 8220; Game of Thrones&# 8221; was the case. Even before the start of the first season, production was planned well in advance so that there is enough material for the future of the series. A second season of Westworld therefore is hardly anything in the way. Nevertheless, the anticipation of the fans should be dampened. With the launch of Westworld-Season 2 is no longer expected in 2017, but it will go in the first half of 2018 with new episodes.

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  • Ed Harris announced at Enterainment Weekly that is set to begin in the summer 2017th
  • At the same time confirmed the &# 8220; Man in Black&# 8221; his performance in the new season. Even Bernard, played by Jeffrey Wright, is in the second season of Westworld with it.
  • The second season will off Ten new episodes put together.
  • Series head Jonathan Nolan stated that the release of West Worlds Season 2 in 2018 will be held.
  • Until the appearance of the German version, it could then take even until the spring of 2019.
  • HBO program director Casey Bloys speaks of a start of the second season beginning in 2018. However, he also can not have a date yet. The relay release should not interfere with the final episodes of Game of Thrones, calling also 2018th
  • Reasons for the late publishing time should lie mainly in the high production costs of the series. In addition, it will give the creative minds behind the series enough time to work on the implementation of the story.
  • The second season will especially the intentions of Dr. Ford illuminating detail. Whether Anthony Hopkins is still in the process in the role of Ford, however, is not yet known with regard to the events at the end of the first season. Still, there are plenty of scenarios where Mr. Ford could also play in the second season a major role.
  • In addition, the hosts of the Wild West park to play a central role. So there should be a closer look at the work and the monitoring abilities of the hosts in the second season of Westworld. The advantages and disadvantages, for example, the potential immortality is to be discussed in the new episodes.
  • The producers point out that we can expect in the second season with many developments and surprises that fans do not have on the list. Nolan points out that there are to tell numerous strands of development in Western World Season 2, which were still not been addressed.

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Shortly before the start of shooting for the second season of Westworld there is a new member of the cast to report: Katja Herbers, known from The Leftovers, part of the Western World-occupation is. Herbers is to take over as Grace a major role. Louis Herthum and Talulah Riley (Peter Abernathy and Angela) will also get bigger roles than in the first season.

Title of the first episode

Although the start date is still uncertain, but the title of the first episode to be already known. Director Jonathan Nolan answered personally Reddit and posted a nondescript at first glance pictures. At second glance, however, you can at least read the title of the first episode in part here. The photo shows the script for Episode 1, "Journey Into N&# 8230; ". Only the north is hidden by a game maze.

Looks like something familiar

The William actor Jimmi Simpson has expressed in GQ that he does not know whether he will be part of the cast for the second season. If William play in the new episodes, must be opened his statement by a completely new chapter. Also taking part in the third season, the actor promised. However, the appearance of Talilah Riley is considered safe. Riley was there in six episodes of the first season. In the second season of "Westworld" is the role of Angela play an even greater importance.

Westworld Season 2: blabbed Start© HBO

Westworld Season 2 with samurai Setting?

According to rumors, the second season could even come in a completely new scenario. So the Wild West setting should be replaced by a samurai world. At the same time completely new characters will be introduced. Already in the final of the first season, there were just hosts to see which might indicate such a scenario flavored, katanas and corresponding outfits included. Moreover, were the letters on a wall &# 8220; SW&# 8221; to see &# 8211; an indication of &# 8220; Samurai World&# 8221 ;? In the presentation by Michael Crichton several worlds finally were present. Jonathan Nolan has denied that a Roman and mittleralterliche world soon will be on display at Westworld, a Shogun setting but he said nothing.

When asked whether he &World beherrschein; # 8220&# 8221; would answer the &# 8220; Man in Black&# 8221; after all: &# 8220; not just the one!&# 8221; &# 8211; so it will definitely still be several settings in series history, questionable is whether this will be the case even in Westworld relay second

Westworld: Season 2 not yet in sight

So get to see fans of the series in the second season responsive material, each episode will devour production costs 8-10 million dollars. Showrunner Jonathan Nolan called Westworld not as a series, but as a huge ten-hour long film. It is still unclear how to proceed with the story.

Westworld Season 2: blabbed Start© HBO

&# 8220; West World&# 8221; was broadcast simultaneously in the US and in Germany in the fall 2016th The new episodes there was this country's first look only in the original English. Since early 2017, the German version of Westworld is broadcast on Sky Atlantic. In order to receive the series, you need the appropriate pay-TV package to the sender or book the Sky ticket * in the entertainment output.