How can you cut video with VLC Media Player?

How can you cut video with VLC Media Player?

The VLC Media Player Download provides computer users not only a feature-rich and easy-to-use program for playing video and other media to the hard disk. The program can convert beyond media files to other formats or edit existing videos. A small detour, it is even possible to cut video with VLC Media Player.

Unfortunately an explicitly named function for cutting video is not found in VLC Media Player. But if you want to install any additional software to edit videos on your hard drive, can still bring media files with the VLC player to a desired length and shape. For this we should be the "Recording" feature See the program in more detail.

VLC Media Player Video Recording cut
With the recording function creates parts at the beginning or end of the video with VLC Media Player to cut away

Detour to cut video with VLC Media Player

If you want to cut only at the beginning or end of the file a video with VLC Media Player, this is solved with a few clicks. To do this, first opens to edit video file. If not already done, you open the menu "View" "Advanced Control". Now should appear additional functions in the lower part of the window, including the button for shooting video. If the media file is started, pressing the button with the known red circle for shooting video. The video will be played and the content shown in a new file stored. If you have added the desired content to appear in the cut video, just click on the button again to stop recording. The thus cut results are stored from the VLC Media Player in the folder "My Videos". The menu "Input & Codecs "you can change the destination folder for customization.

VLC Media Player video cut Advanced Settings
The recording function for trimming video parts with the VLC Media Player can be found in the &# 8220; Advanced Settings&# 8221;

If you want to cut away portions at the start of the video, to play the video from first up to the appropriate place. Now you press the record button, the rest of the video is stored in a new video file.

Cut videos with the VLC Media Player &# 8211; limitations

If parts of the video with the VLC player to be circumcised, which not at the beginning or end, but are within the video, this is the program does not, unfortunately, readily possible. One can only, as described above, create several single video files by the VLC Media Player you record the individual Videostellenmit. Unfortunately, the individual parts with the VLC Media Player can not be joined. For advanced projects to cut videos, you should therefore download an alternative video editing program that has a video editing function or the assembly of individual files allows. Strong functional applications for cutting of videos that can be played with VLC Media Player are for. As the free programs VirtualDub or Windows Movie Maker.

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