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In addition to the displayed letters, numbers and symbols a standard keyboard offers numerous ways that can bring other characters to the screen. Find out here how to write the "é" with a bar on the letter and paste it into Word and Co. to z. As the term &Pokemon; # 8220&# 8221; to bring the screen correctly.

The "e" with bar there while in several versions. Find out here how you can write the individual options and where the differences are.

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"É" write with an accent on the keyboard: type Pokémon, café and Co. right

e-with-dash-1Provides First, make sure the keyboard layout is set to German to follow the instructions below.

  • To write an "é" primed with Windows, first pressing the dash button on the top left next to the backspace key.
  • At this point one should not be surprised, there appears no sign on the screen.
  • Only if you tapping the "e" on the keyboard, the "é" appears with the bar above the sign. Do you take down the Shift key, appears the great &# 8220; É&# 8221; ,
  • In this way, you can also more strokes rely on letters, for. As a "ó" or "í".
  • Hold down your Shift key and then typing the characters on the keyboard, the bar appears reversed.
  • Depending on which way the slash indicates, the letter is pronounced differently.
  • At the bottom line, the bottom left to the upper right shows ( '), is the "Accent aigu". It indicates the closed pronunciation of the vowel such. As in "Pokémon" or "cafe".
  • The "grave accent" is directed to the left above. The vowel is spoken openly. In the case of "è" reads the sound similar to "ä" in the German word "bear".
  • A third option for strokes over a letter languages ​​provide the "Accent circonflexe". This is a roof over the vowel. This, too, slashes can be written with Word and Co. on the keyboard. Expresses this roof icon next to "1" followed top left of the keyboard from the respective vowel.


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An apostrophe can not write down this path. For this, there is another key on the keyboard, the left of the &Enter; # 8220&# 8221; can find button. Expresses her the key, the hash or hash tag icon appears, you want to write the apostrophe, the Shift key down.

"É" Write with bar on the keyboard: What is Pokémon anyway?

In the case of "Pokémon" the makers of Japan made a conscious decision to use the "é". With regard to the market in English-speaking countries wanted to prevent the remains "e" silent and thus close to the English word "poke" is created. in German actually "nudge" "poke" means or "poke", but is commonly used as a vulgar description of the sexual act.

  • The word "Pokémon" is a compound word.
  • It consists of the words "Pocket" and "Monster" to German "pocket monsters".

 Source: Africa Studio