Cloud Nine: New drug makes people into zombies – What is it?

At the moment warnings circulating before the drug Cloud Nine in social media. Supposedly, the substance turns consumers into wild beasts incurred others in an aggressive delirium and should even eat human flesh. What is it about these horror stories &# 8211; and it really is the drug Cloud Nine?

The Internet can be found next to countless conspiracy theories and fictional death reports of celebrities like Michael Schumacher also repeatedly scares that are massively shared on social networks. Some time ago, the drug caused a stir burundanga &# 8211; the moment you read on Facebook and Co. by another substance to have downright terrible effects: The drug Cloud Nine will lead to extremely aggressive behavior and the complete loss of all inhibitions. Supposedly consumers of Cloud Nine incurred even other people and eat their flesh.

Cloud Nine Product ImageWarnings about the &# 8220; zombie drug&# 8221; Cloud Nine doing the rounds for some time on Facebook and co. Source: Shutterstock

Cloud Nine: Does the new drug people into zombies?

In the media and the social networks "zombie drug" is treated on Cloud Nine hence the name. Here, referring to an incident that took place in 2012 in the United States: A naked man reached into Miami in the street a homeless and mangled his face with his teeth. When the obviously highly intoxicated man was found by the police, the events began. First, the attacker grunted officials only. Shortly thereafter he was palpable - the police shot him when he tried to attack them.

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In addition there are in the United States, numerous other reports of people who completely lose control under the influence of new psycho-drugs and worst acts of violence against themselves and engage in other. The self-confessed drug addict Neil Brown pretended US authorities about the record that he was under the influence of &Bath salts; # 8220&# 8221; have repeatedly cut with a hunting knife in the face and stomach. Is this about the drug Cloud Nine?

Cloud Nine AddictCloud Nine is a dangerous psychotropic substance at the time as &# 8220; Legal High&# 8221; was sold. Source: Shutterstock

Cloud Nine: What is behind the drug?

Cloud Nine actually exists: This is about the drug Methylenedioxypyrovalerone &# 8211; a psychotropic substance that was originally studied as successor of the drug Ritalin, and is about four times stronger than Ritalin. Cloud Nine is one of the stimulants and has a strong stimulating effect. are some of the effects:

  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • sweat
  • paranoia
  • Increased vigilance and attention
  • Agitation and restlessness
  • At higher doses, some intense panic attacks

Since about 2008 Methylenedioxypyrovalerone is also sold as a designer drug &# 8211; Cloud Nine is just one of the name of the drug, other names are Flakka, Flex, Monkey Dust, MTV, Magic, Super Coke or Peeve.

Bathsalt Zombie drugDesigner drugs such as Cloud Nine is also known as &# 8220; bath salts&# 8221; known. Source: Shutterstock

The volatile nature receives Cloud Nine by the fact that the drug under the misleading name &# 8220; Bath Salt&# 8221; partly as a so-called &# 8220; Legal High&# 8221; was sold legally. Reason: The active ingredients do not fall partly under the Narcotics Act, where indicated on the sale that the substance was not suitable for human consumption or ingestion. Due to the incalculable risks for potential consumers, is the subject of legal high but in the United States for some time on the agenda &# 8211; in Germany is Cloud Nine or Methylenedioxypyrovalerone since 2012 a non-prescription drugs capable, the EU has also banned since 2014 MDVP &# 8211; the sale and manufacture of Cloud Nine is now therefore prohibited.

Look at the video why some messages suddenly appear in social media:

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Why is the moment before Cloud Nine warned?

The question remains: Why is warned again before Cloud Nine just at the moment? The drug has been known for years and even banned us. This does not mean that you even need to worry &# 8211; On the other hand scaremongering is also misplaced. It is probably in the warnings that are circulating at the moment in the social networks, but again to the typical scheme that can be seen with horror stories on Facebook and Co again. Some stories appear again and again, even if the original cause already lags far. Sometimes happens that the shocking message has already been invalidated otherwise and it is therefore of a hoax, that can speak a hoax.

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In the case of Cloud Nine that is not so simple: The drug actually exists, although ultimately it turned out that the above-mentioned man in Miami had consumed no Cloud Nine (or other bath salts), but at the time of the act &# 8220; only&# 8221; was under the influence of marijuana. However, one should Cloud Nine and other &# 8220; bath salts&# 8221; not be underestimated. The risk of new designer drugs is According to experts, in the fact that there are so many different substances that one can not determine 100% with today's testing methods, the impact of the various drugs or whether it is not yet explored long-term effects gives.

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