Burning Series: Pretty Little Liars and see online – Is that legal?

Burning Series is an increasingly growing portal that allows you to look directly in the browser for free TV series. However, as with many of these deals also arises here once again the question: Is Burning Series actually legal?

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In the FAQ operators Burning Series answer the question whether the legality of its doorway equal to themselves, at least they appease their users:

- Is Burning Series legally or illegally?

Yes and no. It is in a legal gray area and there were many different judgments on streams, but all decisive yet. But you can calm surf Burning Series, because we do not store IP addresses, and if you are logged in, your whole traffic is encrypted.

But the testimony of a potentially illegal portal also really meaningful?

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Burning Series: Legal or illegal?

The portal with the most favorite TV series like Pretty Little Liars, scrubs or Two and a Half Men streams you the consequences directly in the browser. But even this partial data to be downloaded to your PC. This is to so-called On-demand streaming, the grants to users the possibilities pared to the live stream, pre-viewed the film or replaying.

And for that, the series has the cache of the beholder cached become. In this case, gradually the entire series, albeit compressed extremely crass, downloaded. The cache will automatically delete itself after some time, yet the possession of the mega-compressed series on the hard drive alone is not particularly desirable.

Because with the streaming of copyrighted material is Burning Series of the operated Right of making available (§19a German Copyright Act), which, however, only the author himself entitled (§ 15 para. 2 sentence 2 no. 2 of the Copyright Act). This means that the operators do therefore punishable.

burning seriesBurning Series: Over 1000 series and all in the legal gray area, right?

Pretty Little Liars stream legally online? This way, please!

I make myself liable to prosecution if I stream on Burning Series?

And ye 'downloads when on-demand streaming data on your PC, even if they were only available in the cache and heavily compressed, it operated according to you. § 16 section 1 of the Copyright Act of make right, copies of works. Also the fact is only with the author.

But that is not enough, that you makes you liable to prosecution. After all, the legal situation in Germany is not so simple, because otherwise all the waves of warnings for streaming in circulation would be. Because there is this one point, all the to &# 8220; Gray Zone&# 8221; can be: The right to private copying (§ 53 para 1 sentence 1 of the Copyright Act.).

paragraph 53

A private copying is only permitted if they do not &# 8220; manufactured obviously unlawful&# 8221; has been. But since Burning Series has already made punishable by creating the copy in your cache, raises the question of whether then can apply the definition to you. Which is namely not precisely defined.

And now? Is Burning Series legally or not?

The law is due to many buts still not clear, although there are different opinions on this. Basically, the temporary stream series of Burning Series is therefore not recommended for operators even punishable. but think maybe after himself once about the fact that the legal situation could change at some point and tighten and then maybe fully seated her in trouble.

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