GTA 5: Find helicopters – all locations in Los Santos

GTA 5 continues to attract months after the release a number of players under its spell. In view of the coming months also releases of GTA 5 are rumored for PC and for NextGen consoles. Thus you can find all missions and secrets in Los Santos, you need 5 helicopter at one point or another in GTA.

GTA 5: Find helicopters - all locations in Los Santos

Find out here where you can find in Los Santos helicopter and use. In the GTA 5 City it outputs several sites where the helicopters are waiting to be abducted by you in the air.

GTA 5 Helicopter Find Map

The locations of the helicopter in GTA 5 can see from her the map.

gta-5-helicopter card

  • At position 1 you have to climb onto the roof of the building. Here you will find among other things, a police helicopter to take away.
  • Position 2 marks the hospital in Los Santos. Here, too, you have to get to the roof of the building again. As a reward for the climb waiting for a rescue helicopter to you. The lucky ones may even choose from two different helicopters.
  • Position 3: Here you have to find way out of town to find the helicopter in GTA. 5 It applies to infiltrate a high-security wing. Ballert you do not like crazy to you, you can pass this without any problems. Drive to the end of the site and look out for a ladder on a building. After a sporting insert with Kletterakt you will with a helicopter, and rewarded some there positioned weapons.
  • A secure site for a helicopter in GTA 5 is found in the military base in the south of Los Santos. This even is a combat helicopter. This is however not just leave you like this. Make your way by taxi to the marked position and accelerates the ride. you will from a helicopter fired a few meters from the taxi. At the same time you get 4 star wanted rating. Look, therefore, not too long on the military area around, but run to the battle-Heli, rises into the air and makes you out of the dust to make disappear the star wanted rating.
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Here you will find helicopter in GTA 5

Especially in the first three positions, it is possible that the helicopters only temporarily spawn. If there is not a helicopter here, once you eintrefft at the position, try your luck at a later time again.

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