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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and successful applications for Android smartphones. The Messenger is used to send messages, photos and other files. In our app idea we call the functions, the download link, tips, pricing and alternatives to WhatsApp for Android.

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Free mobile WhatsApp for Android

advance the Download link to WhatsApp for Android. The official route is via the Google Play Store, the application can be found here:

WhatsApp MessengerdownloadQR codeWhatsApp MessengerDeveloper: WhatsApp Inc.Price: Free
  • install WhatsApp, so goes&# 8217; s

a APK Download reach users often sooner to new functions, and there is the possibility, Beta versions to load the Messengers. The information for WhatsApp APK is available here:

APK of WhatsApp: Information and Download

Unfortunately, the app can be natively installed on smart phones, not tablets. Thanks to web app, the Messenger can still on a on a Android tablet use.

Functions of WhatsApp Messenger for Android

Of the WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging software: We can send other users messages, photos and files. The communication between contacts is chronologically illustrated in small bubbles. A chat can be performed with a single person, but also with several - see groups and broadcast lists in WhatsApp.

If the application is not open, the smartphone owners learn about the Push notification his device of newly arrived messages. If no Internet connection made, the provider stores the data and makes it to a later date.

A telephone function, "WhatsApp calls"Allows to call other users. Additional costs will incur the not. Some mobile operators prohibit Internet telephony, the function can not be used then.

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The WhatsApp functions there is cross-platform, as the messenger for other operating systems is available (see, for example WhatsApp for iPhone). The focus, however, are the mobile platforms. For desktop computers, there is a web app, which, however, requires a smartphone. Otherwise, the use of a second user account and other Sim card in a roundabout way possible (see for example WhatsApp on your Mac or WhatsApp on your Windows PC).

The data is sent over the Internet and received. A Internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile is therefore a prerequisite for the use.

whatsapp-androidChat overview, chat history and the special function "Send Location" from WhatsApp.

Tips and tricks to WhatsApp on GIGA

On GIGA we offer numerous tips and tutorials on WhatsApp. A selection:

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  • WhatsApp for Android: Information & amp; free download
  • WhatsApp for Android: Information & amp; free download
  • WhatsApp for Android: Information & amp; free download
  • WhatsApp for Android: Information & amp; free download
  • WhatsApp for Android: Information & amp; free download

WhatsApp for free, no annual fee

As I said the download of WhatsApp is free. Also the dispatch of Messages and files is free, the same applies to phone calls etc. However: The Messenger needed for the traffic volume of the natural cellular or landline tariff.

The annual fee of 0.99 euros was abolished in 2016: On 18 January 2016, the Firmengrründer Jan Koum announced that it adopted itself completely from the payment model for private customers. Instead, one wants to finance the service through third-party services - for example in case of a reservation at the restaurant. The app will continue ad-free remain so Koum.

Criticism of WhatsApp

Funding just mentioned is a stumbling block for some users - them was the annual fee rather. Other criticisms of the Messenger:

WhatsApp for Android accesses the Smartphonedirectory to and displays the contacts who use the service. therefore required at registration to indicate the mobile phone number is required. Find some concern, on the other hand it makes a tedious manual link redundant.

Since the summer of 2016 WhatsApp is officially part of the Facebook group of companies after the Messenger was previously bought two years by the social network. Fierce resistance met the plan to balance the accounts between the two services. With a rejection in the Terms of this could be prevented.

WhatsApp on Android devices: alternatives and competition

WhatsApp is similar to SMS and chat services. Despite - or because of - this competition WhatsApp is very popular.

  • SMS and MMS are indeed compatible with almost all mobile phones. However, they are not nearly as many modern chat features. The sending of images, it is also expensive.
  • some Chat Apps the application must be open in order to receive messages.
  • Other services, such as iMessage, are not nearly as common. Consequently, one less achieved his friends.

The most interesting alternatives to WhatsApp are:

  • threema from Switzerland, a messenger who strives above all for the safety of data.
  • Telegram, free of charge.
  • Facebook Messenger for Android, the outsourced chat feature of the social network.

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