Getting an invoice by mail – Beware of Malware: Payment Solution!

As a rule, the email is a practical device. Important information, news and more can be transmitted quickly and easily. Invoices and purchase transactions are often communicated digitally in an e-mail. Here, however, back can hide various dangers. For some time land about mails from "payment solution" in the mail boxes of many Internet users, behind which alleged invoices should hide.

Getting an invoice by mail - Beware of Malware: Payment Solution!

A majority of these bills from "Payment Solution", however, is prepared with a malicious software. After downloading the alleged request for payment there is no payment information, but a virus on your PC. Next to "Payment Solution" often "Paymentor" is specified as the sender of such messages.

Payment Solution-mail with malware

In "Payment Solution" itself is (in contrast to companies like Giropay24) by a trustworthy company. The name of the provider, however misused for fraudulent purposes. On the website itself you admits to be victims of a "Joe Job" attack, noting that the message was not sent from Payment Solution. Payment Solution is a provider of payment methods such. B. come in stages and at events used.

payment-solutionFurthermore, the provider itself warns mails with invoices (screenshot:

The content of this dangerous, sent the wrong name mails reads as follows:

Good day,
Attached to this email you will find your bill for the month of February.
The outstanding amount must be paid within 10 days.

Best regards
payment solution

Recently, among others, the police in Lower Saxony warned before opening these mails. The annex contains a file named "Your-Rechnung.exe" or. "". insert any statement or information to make a payment, but viruses and other malicious programs behind these file. The mail with attachments should be removed immediately. Often the mail of "payment solution" can also be dispatched without any attachment. This is only to spam, which should also be deleted.


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Payment Solution: &# 8220; your bill&# 8221; as malware trap

In this mail, various abnormalities are present, where you can discover deception:

  • Thus, absent. As a customer number or a purchase number from which a payment transaction for the account can be opened up.
  • In this way, the user is prompted to open the attachment.
  • It lacks a personal address of the recipient.
  • It includes additional errors in the text. Behind the speech "good day" is big on writing, the umlaut "ü" is advertised as "ue" in "Greetings" is a "ss" instead of the correct "ß".
  • With the deadline of 10 days pressure is built up to the recipient to close the case very quickly.
  • In the email, there are no data for demanding companies such. B. an imprint or at least one contact.
  • The abusive name of a real company can seem real the payment request.
  • With the return address &# 8220; noreply&# 8221; a reply mail is impossible to contact.

Did you receive an email of this type of payment solution, the message should be deleted immediately. the attachment was already open, an anti-virus check should be performed on the PC immediately. With us you can find for this purpose antivirus software for download.

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