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Fallout 4 raises the scrap collector in you! disassemble scrap fact has an important purpose in the role play. All junk items can exploit it and gain from materials to build your settlements and for the construction of weapons and armor. What ingredients there is everything and where you can find your desired scrap fastest, we tell you in our extensive Scrap Guide.

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scrap metal be found at defeating enemies in all possible containers and pretty much in every corner of the Commonwealth. You should scrap but do not sell as in previous parts to the nearest authorized but for modding your equipment or Build your settlements use. In the comprehensive settlement construction guide we'll tell you everything important on this issue. in the following Scrap Guide We tell you how recycle scrap and can further process and how it finds the rarest ingredients.


Fallout 4: Scrap guide - Tips for targeted collect

Especially in the beginning you will be the Sheer amount of scrap lying around everywhere in the Badlands, slain. Therefore, be clever and respected while collecting scrap following tips.

  • Whenever you establish an object, it is a weapon, armor, tools or workshop object that this necessary materials from your inventory to be used in the form of scrap. If the scrap is not broken down, the game it automatically takes over. In addition, materials used from the corresponding workshop settlement, if you find yourselves in a.
  • Missing you a material, you can do it via the tab scrap metal your Pipboys Mark for search. Thereby, in scrap in the game world, which contains the material searched, a magnifying glass icon next to it appears.
  • It is worth it disassemble scrap immediately, after you have found it. For in disassembled form the materials do not weigh as much and you can carry more. just throw it in a workshop settlement before you to the ground and breaks it down into its individual components.
  • At the beginning you should rare materials as Aluminum, oil, screws, adhesive, and fiberglass Mark for finding, because these materials are in the game most likely to be just with you.
  • In each new workshop settlement ought ye first within the green marked limits for usable scrap look, the can disassemble it without delay.
  • For each storage facility, be it a workshop, storage box, weapons workshop etc. you can have the option Store entire scrap quickly and easily get rid of your junk.
With every scrap item you see directly the components into which it can be broken.With every scrap item you see directly the components into which it can be broken.

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All basic components in the overview

all Scrap in Fallout 4 exposes himself 31 Basic Components together, in which the Disassemble junk items to let. A Collection including rare, purpose and location you see below.

materialrarityuseincluded in
aluminumUnusualFor almost all complicated construction projects important (weapon mods, power armor, generators).Alarm clock, recorder, canisters, cans, toys, trays
antisepticRareFor medical mods and Chems.Abraxo-up liquid, turpentine, toothpaste, empty blood bags
asbestosRareincrease for mods and Chems or the energy resistance.Biometric scanners, chalk, fire extinguisher, cigarette, rat poison
Ballistic FiberRareMainly for Armor Mods.military tape
concreteUsuallyMainly used for structures and water pumps.cement bags
leadUnusualFor shielding from radioactivity.batteries
fertilizerUnusualFor the production of Chems and explosives of laboratory stations.fertilizer
featherUnusualFor the modification of equipment or the production of mechanical equipment.Alarm Clock, Clipboard, cameras, lighters, handcuffs, toaster
fiberglassUnusualWith mods for weapons, armor and power armor. Especially with Energy Weapons important.Abraxo-up liquid, cigar boxes, toys, rat poison, aluminum cans
GlassUnusualFor the preparation of lights, scopes, syringes, and laser weapons.Alarm Clock, bottles, lamps, fuses, light bulbs
Fiber opticsRareFor high-tech mods and laser weapons. But also in many other areas useful.biometric scanner
goldRareFor high-tech mods and laser weapons.Cameras, gold watch, gold lighters
rubberUsuallyAs insulation for mechanical equipment such as generators and pylons. In addition to weapons, armor, furniture and decorations.Fire extinguisher, kick balls, baby bottles, toys
WoodUsuallyEspecially for the settlement construction in structures, furniture and decorations.Hammers, clipboards, Board Games, cigar boxes, shovels, brooms
ceramicsUsuallyFor recruiting stations, smaller generators and almost all switches.Ashtrays, bowls, cups, vases
GlueSpecialFor mods, explosives and workshop objects.Miracle glue, adhesive tapes
boneUsuallyFor Raider Armor Mods and coolant.Death Talon claw, mole rat teeth, spine, skull
corkUnusualPrimarily to reduce the weight of armor mods.Baseball, Globe
crystalRareFor just about anything that has to do with lasers. In addition, for advanced scopes and high-tech mods.Cameras, loupes
copperUnusualFor generators, switches, lights and other electronic devices.Lamps, bulbs, fuses, magnifying glasses, power relay coils
leatherUsuallyMainly for the production of armor mods.Baseball, deathclaws Claw, baseball gloves
nuclear materialRareFor advanced mods, explosives and workshop objects.Alarm Clock, Biometric scanners, board games, recorder
oilSpecialImportant for most mechanical devices such weapons mods, turrets or water purifier.All types of containers, cans, lighters, soap, petrol
plasticUsuallyFor the production of furniture or mods for weapons and energy weapons.Coolant, baby rattles, bread boxes, hair brushes, toys, cigarette boxes, scissors
circuitsRareFor most high-tech equipment is very important.Circuit boards according to Military standard, recorder modules
screwUnusualScrews do you need for almost anything. Both many mods and workshop objects require many screws.Handcuffs, toys, fans, Globe
silverRareimportant mainly for weapon mods, especially in energy weapons.Hairbrushes, Silver watches
steelUsuallyDo you need for just about everything, but therefore can also be common in the game world find.Hammers, scissors, cans, dog tags, fire extinguishers, screwdrivers, knives, toasters and more
materialUsuallyEspecially for furniture and for the production of armor mods.Cushions, pre-war money, paintbrush, cigarettes, Boston Bugle
acidRareFor the production of Chems, explosives and coolants in laboratory stations.Abraxo-up liquid, coolant, battery
gearsUnusualFor all mechanical objects, but also weapons mods of immense importance.Fans, Cameras

Request Scrap deliveries

A convenient way to supplies to come represent the Scrap deliveries represents. Consulted carefully the range of goods each dealer you come across, because many of them sell you contracts, where you scrap one type gets delivered to a settlement of your choice. Here gets her supplies of 25-50 each piece of the material and can fill up fast your supplies.

With scrap supplies their shortages prevented and still have enough materials to build.With scrap supplies their shortages prevented and still have enough materials to build.Start Photogallery(21 images)Fallout 4: All loose dolls - localities of bobbleheads in the video

Scrap, which should always take their

At the beginning of Fallout 4, it is difficult to estimate you sure that scrap items it pays to take. Therefore, you can see below a list of scrap, which you should go plug it in any case, if you stumble over it and also we list the rare materials, which you can gain from it.

Biometric scannersFiber optics (1) Nuclear Material (2)
Circuit board, Military StandardCircuits (5)
military tapeBallistic fiber (2), adhesive (4)
recorderCircuit (1) Nuclear Material (1)
Mitt(3) leather
cameraCrystal (2)
Military Ammo PouchBallistic fiber (2)
fertilizerFertilizer (4)
microscopeCrystal (2), fiber optics (1)
carafeCrystal (4)
magnifying glassCrystal (2), copper (1)
phoneFiberglass (2), copper (1)
Abraxo scavengerAntiseptic (2), fiber glass (1)
aluminum cansFiberglass (2), oil (1)
&Mr; # 8220th mobile&-fuel; # 8221Oil (2)
Golden SturmfeuerzeugOil (1), gold (1)
typewriterGears (3), spring (3)
Giddyup ButtercupScrew (4), spring (4)
Send hairbrushSilver (2)
silver watchSilver (2), gear wheels (2)

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