Windows 10 taskbar gets: solutions and support

The Windows 10 taskbar gets: A problem that occurs frequently in many users of the new operating system from Microsoft without the cause can be seen for it. In this article, we show you some possible solutions if the taskbar in Windows 10 does not work anymore.

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Windows 10: taskbar does not work, does not react or is gone &# 8211; solutions

Among the many small bugs in Windows 10 are also problems with the system tray: Many users to programs can not be opened in the system tray left click, although you can display the corresponding option by right-clicking. Sometimes, the taskbar does not react or equal completely gone. A uniform solution for all these problems do not exist &# 8211; the following article, we therefore show you different solutions.

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Windows 10 update to problems with the system tray to solve

The easiest way to solve problems with the taskbar is to play the latest Windows Update on the computer &# 8211; . Windows 10: How many problems by itself the whole works, you read in this article is done in this way for Updates - Here&# 8217; s. Starts after finished update the computer and see if the task bar goes away. This is not the case, you can still start the Explorer or new remove startup programs.

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Taskbar in Windows 10 does not work: start Windows Explorer again

Another way to problems with the taskbar is to resolve to end the Windows Explorer to manually connect and restart. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Opens Task Manager, e.g. by her + Alt + Del press Ctrl.
  2. Once you are in Task Manager, you switch to the Processes tab.
  3. Goes in search of the entry explorer.exe (Windows Explorer).
  4. (End Task) closes the Task Manager by you click on the entry and then click the Exit button presses.
  5. Click then on the File menu (top left) and select New Task from the drop-down menu.
  6. In the search field that now opens, give her explorer.exe, and then click OK.

Then, you try to open the desired program in the taskbar. If that does not work, we show you in the next section, can cause problems with the system tray which programs. With us you also also learn what you can do when Windows hangs 10th

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repair taskbar &# 8211; Remove Startup Programs

If the taskbar no longer works, it may be that you have a program running in the background that causes complications. These include, for example,

  • Antivirus programs
  • Overclocking Software
  • Programs for tuning the system
  • In general: All programs make changes to the user interface of the operating system.

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The most common problems currently occur in connection with anti-virus programs. In this case, the program you should first remove from the startup configuration. The article Windows 10: Disable unnecessary startup programs show you how to do it. The process is a bit time-consuming because you have installed in most cases many eligible programs on the computer. Best to use the exclusion method:

  1. Removes all programs that might be responsible for the problem with the taskbar.
  2. Then tests whether the start bar goes away.
  3. Adds then the programs individually in the startup configuration, and then test each whether the taskbar is still going.

Does that until you have found the program that is causing the problem: This program should uninstall it. If it is an antivirus program, we will show you in this article some possible alternatives: Tip: Which free antivirus software is recommended?

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