Strato Communicator Login: Sign up for Webmail

With the Strato Communicator login you can register the mail server of Strato and retrieve your e-mails quickly from any computer. We show the practical guide how this works and what should you consider when Strato login.

Strato Communicator Login

For Strato-login for e-mails*


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The web provider Strato is one of the most popular domain hosters in Germany and offers its customers the opportunity to create their own e-mail address with Strato. In addition, you can also manage a calendar, view contacts and view tasks.

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Strato Communicator Login

Your e-mails with Strato can you retrieve it from any computer. The login is relatively simple:

  1. Opens the web browser of your choice and give the following address:
  2. In the new window must register their your email as username and the corresponding password.
  3. If you find yourself in a public or shared computer, you should check the box at Stay signed in to remove.
  4. Finally, you click again to sign in order to sign up.

After that you can access the Strato Communicator and you can check your email, edit the contacts and add events to the calendar.

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Strato Communicator login does not work: solve problems

Maybe you can not log in to Strato and access your e-mails you. Tried in this case the following options to solve problems Strato Communicator login:

  • Make sure that you your login information and password have been entered correctly.
  • Especially in the case-sensitive one can easily make mistakes.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you should contact the customer service of Strato.
  • Maybe Strato is currently down to you or unreachable &# 8211; you can the check on the website allestö online.
  • There, you also whether there are other problems with Strato currently, for example, Web Hosting on the Internet provider.

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