Hannibal Staffel 4: What are the chances?

With Hannibal mastermind Bryan Fuller has created a new interpretation of Hannibal material that is unparalleled. The desire for Hannibal Staffel 4 lies there not far. We tell you at this point, as the chances of another season are and how to proceed in principle with the series.

2906Hannibal Staffel 4: What are the chances?

The Hannibal Series *Hannibal Staffel 4: What are the chances? begins with the psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter with the FBI agent Will Graham - to solve outstanding murder cases - played by Hugh Dancy. The director of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI Jack Crawford - played by Laurence Fishburne - who called Will in the unit because it has a distinctive empathy assets. This enables him to empathize with the respective serial killers and identify it that way.

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Hannibal Staffel 4: What are the plans?

In August 2015, the third season of Hannibal * endedHannibal Staffel 4: What are the chances?. Since then, not only the desire for a sequel in the form of another season has been raised; there are also numerous assumptions. Already in 2015 NBC has announced that there will be no fourth season of Hannibal. Why are said the bad viewing figures have been. Although Hannibal may have a very large fan base as a character and the film Silence of the Lambs with Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal as good as any is a term that the series Hannibal have looked only sworn fans. The premiere of the third season followed about 2.5 million people, while the second season was seen by about 3.3 million households. This descent trend was apparently enough to pull the ripcord for NBC. After the official announcement of NBC, there were the hope, to sell the series on Amazon or Netflix. So far it is not known that Amazon or Netflix has taken the bait, though certainly interest has been expressed. And the Resistance of the fans, simply to accept the end of the series, pushed at least for producers and studios on deaf ears: Fans sided tweets with the hashtag #SaveHannibal in order to work for another season.


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Hannibal Staffel 4: What alternative remains the creators?

The efforts of the fans is not entirely in vain. Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy and Bryan Fuller have more than desire for a fourth season and at least Bryan Fuller thinks about how it can continue. According to Fuller, the series was originally designed for six to seven seasons and should handle all four novels by Thomas Harris. Season 3 comes to Red Dragon *Hannibal Staffel 4: What are the chances?. So there are still Silence of the Lambs *Hannibal Staffel 4: What are the chances? and Hannibal *Hannibal Staffel 4: What are the chances?. And exactly at this point to put more rumors to: The real problem are namely rights issues. In Season 4, the figure Clarice Starling (should be in the Silence of the Lambs *Hannibal Staffel 4: What are the chances? Jodie Foster embodying) are introduced. but the rights to the adaptation are not available - yet. From August 2017 they are back on sale. So there is still hope. We are anxious to see whether Fuller acquires the rights then. Opposite Shockwaves to Fuller explained that he can imagine the plot in form of a loose Miniserie weiterzuerzählen. He found the silence of the lambs *Hannibal Staffel 4: What are the chances? great as a movie, but would like to highlight some interesting details and corners of history in a miniseries, so that something new emerges. Ideally, he would like to continue the series as miniseries, which he rotates together with the cast now and then - here six to eight episodes and another six to eight there - at irregular intervals. That would also respond to Mads Mikkelsen: This has previously spoken out against the possibility of a continuation of the Hannibal series in the form of a film &# 8211; even though most fans probably would not mind a movie.


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