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Anyone who wants to calculate the straight line between two points or places, it can now easily use Google Maps. The useful feature of the powerful map software is a little hidden, but in this guide we show you how you can calculate the shortest intended distance between geographic locations using Google Maps on your computer and on your Android device easily.

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Google Maps can be calculated much more than just a specific route for a long time: Through the app version smartphone for many has replaced the navigation system, you can go to POIs (Points Of Interest) looking in the vicinity and the train and bus display. But the &# 8220; With ruler-to-physical card-herumhantieren&# 8221; has the distance measuring feature of Google Maps to an end.

to calculate the straight line through Google Maps this has several advantages: On the one hand, you also do not use any calculation with standards or the like and on the other hand you can Google Maps so, to calculate the length of the route, for example, sea routes, forest walks or similar fields where Google Maps is normally no takes away more.

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Google Maps: calculate a straight line &# 8211; computer

  1. First opens Google Maps in your browser.
  2. Empties possibly the search field by clicking on the X.
  3. then zooms in the map on the point from which you want to be starting the crow flies. Clicks right on this point.
  4. This opens a dialog box. Select "Measure Distance".
  5. Move it now at the point on the map where the straight line measurement to end. Click it to. It seems a measuring line that indicates the distance.


Expand & Correct

Google Maps: air lines can be calculated as well as areas appear between multiple points.Google Maps: air lines between points can be calculated and displayed surfaces.

If you want to correct the calculated distance, you can move an end point in a straight line started with Google Maps holding down the mouse.

If additional points are added to the straight line measurement, this can be done by simply clicking on other points in the displayed map. Arises in this way an enclosed area, Google Maps calculates the area size. It appears below the search box of Google Maps in square meters and feet.

Remove measuring points

If you calculate a new Google Maps in a straight line and you want to delete the old measurement, click, right-click an end point of the current measurement. Selected in the dialog "Delete Measurement". Note: It is not deleted, only the last measuring point, but the entire measurement with all distance points.

Google Maps: calculate a straight line &# 8211; Smartphone

Even with the app on Android smartphones and tablets, it is possible to calculate the straight line between two or more points. For this, you must simply do the following:

  1. Starts the Google Maps app on your Android device.
  2. Taps and hold briefly your finger on the start or end point to a red mark appears.
  3. Typed now to the place name or the &# 8220; Set marker&# 8221; at the bottom of the screen.
    Airline calculator Google Maps Android 01
  4. Wipes down here until you select the menu item &# 8220; distance measure&# 8221; see and typed it.
    Airline calculator Google Maps Android 02
  5. Now you can maneuver you free by wiping over the map.
  6. Move the black circle to the point to be measured, tapping the blue plus icon (bottom right) to set a waypoint.
    Airline calculator Google Maps Android 03
  7. Below the entire distance between the points is displayed.
  8. (Optional) If you continue wipes across the screen can still put their more waypoints.
    Airline calculator Google Maps Android 04

Correct & break up

If you have a point set incorrectly, you can make it over the arrow icon (top right) Undo. About the menu icon (top right) you can also remove all points (except the starting point), putting her on the menu &Delete; # 8220&# 8221; is typing. If you want to set a new starting point, you have only to the X Next &# 8220; distance measure&# 8221; tap to remove the current starting point.