FIFA 16 Ultimate Team chemistry styles for: meanings of Chemistry Styles

With FIFA 16 also comes back to what you your own dream team can put together the Ultimate Team mode. In FIFA 14 introduced for the first time, you can also your players this year with special consumption objects, treat the chemical styles. What you should know about FIFA 16 chemistry styles, find out here.

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In FIFA 16 it comes in addition to the players strengths on a regular team Chemistry at. Even with the best kickers you can lose out if they do not harmonize with each other. The team chemistry can improve it by players playing in their proper positions, as well as from the same league, and nation come. But what's up with the FIFA 16 chemicals Styles about? This function completely independent of the team chemistry which z. B. depends on the league affiliation, etc. position.


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FIFA 16: Chemistry style guide

Even the latest FIFA 16 season all football can be fitted in UT with its own chemistry styles. The cards can you buy in the transfer market or find it in the gold pack on the consumption objects. Each chemical style improves the attributes of each kicker. as Standard is the chemistry style to "base" set. To get a boost to the six basic attributes, you must apply to this the appropriate chemistry style card from the consumption objects. The player then remains permanently on this chemistry style until her another new Chemistry style card uses.

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Was a chemistry style card used, you see among the player attributes green arrows that indicate the value improvement at the appropriate places. Here, too, however, you must pay attention to the team chemistry. the player does not fit into the system, and the effect of specific chemicals style remains off. Which players strengths are improved depends on the used map of the consumption object. Usually you get a boost on two attributes with an improvement of three strength points. Other improve chemistry styles even three values, but only by two points.

FIFA 16 chemicals styles: Tips and explanation

The chemistry styles should not be used indiscriminately her, but according to the Select Player Position. Some cards have an effect only on offensive or defensive player, while others can be used only for the goalkeeper. Also, should you load your game system for use in chemistry styles weigh. More game system can be found in the article FIFA 16 &# 8211; best position and tactics. For winger other chemicals style cards than for counter-players are. In addition, you should consider whether you still want to keep pushing a top player from the squad or will strengthen a reserve player through the use of chemicals style card as a potential substitute. The chemistry styles her the following attributes of the players can improve:

  • tempo
  • shot
  • passport
  • dribbling
  • defense
  • header

Or. with goalkeepers:

  • Pike, ball security, discount, reflex, position play, speed

FIFA-16 chemistil


What FIFA bring 16 chemistry styles?


All players who are drawn from packs and most of the players on the Trade Pile come in the basic chemistry and thus in the standard player strength.


For the goalkeeper, there are four different chemical styles. Following you'll find the chemistry style and the attributes that are improved by s use of the appropriate card.

  • Cat / Cat: reflexes, speed, position play
  • Glove / Glove: pike, ball security, position play
  • Wall / defensive Recke: pike, ball security, tee
  • Shield / Shield: tee, reflexes, speed
  • GK Basic: Provides standard chemical signature style again.

In particular, you should with the chemistry styles compensate for weak values ​​when goalkeeper to have to be an all-rounder in the box ..

Defense / Defensive Midfield

improve all defensive chemistry styles the attribute "defense". In addition, the following strengths are boosted:


  • Gladiator: shot, pass
  • Backbone / spine: a header, Beware
  • Anchor / Anchor: pace, physique
  • Sentinel / Sentinel: physique
  • Guardian / Guardian: Dribbling
  • Shadow / Shadow: Tempo

Champions the central defender Sentinel or anchor so that they can keep the box in a header duels clean. Full-backs can be equipped with backbone. Do you want to take action against abusers Pace, you should use the shadows to compensate the pace with your defenders.


  • Maestro: dribbling, shot, Beware
  • Engine / motor: speed, dribbling, passing,
  • Artist / Artist: dribbling, passing,
  • Architect / Architect: Beware, Header
  • Powerhouse / Powerhouse: defense, passing

For defensive midfielders who are behind to clean up properly, we recommend the powerhouse. Did you, however, a dribbler and whirlwind are in midfield, makes full use of the chemical style motor or artists. Flank players should use as an architect because of their fit boosts.


  • Hawk / Hawk: Tempo, shot, Header
  • Marksman / Sagittarius: dribbling, head, shot
  • Finisher / scorer: shot, Header
  • Sniper / target water: dribbling, shot
  • Deadeye / Zieler: shot, pass
  • Catalyst / catalyst: Tempo, Pass
  • Hunter / Hunter: Tempo, shot

You have only one man up front in the team, uses the Torjäger- or contactors chemistry style. For the winger the hawk or catalyst is recommended.

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