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apply for certificate% 7B% 22text% 22% 3A% 22 to + their + the + F +% 5Cu00fchrungszeugnis get% 2C + pass + in + the + rule + 1-2 + weeks.% 22% 7DNo matter which one likes to do, but sometimes it is necessary to get an official confirmation from the authorities that the resume is clean. In this guide, you learn as you when
apply for certificate% 7B% 22text% 22% 3A% 22 to + their + the + F +% 5Cu00fchrungszeugnis get% 2C + pass + in + the + rule + 1-2 + weeks.% 22% 7D must proceed where you applied for it, how long it takes and how high the costs are.

Certificate request (also online): cost, duration at a glance

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apply for certificate &# 8211; For this you need it

A certificate is generally required when you are racing a job that is relevant to the security issues. Who, for example, to get an education * or a job in the security, as a cashier, accountant or advertises in the bank, is usually asked to provide a police certificate. Even temporary employment agencies want to check the CV of potential candidates and therefore require in some cases a certificate to verify that the applicant has no criminal record. Read about the article Application letter: use pattern in Word and be well received.

apply for certificate online: video

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apply for certificate &# 8211; Where is it online?

Despite the name, the criminal record is requested not directly to the police. Instead, you can apply at the local registration office of your community make &# 8211; usually this is the city office, in some cases, the town hall. If you applied for the certificate, you can pass either directly at the respective registration office and pick up the witness personally &# 8211; alternatively, the police certificate can now apply online but the federal government also. The request must provide it with the online portal of the Federal Office of Justice &# 8211; to apply for the certificate online you will need:

  • New ID card
  • Card reader for reading the card
  • The ID App 2
  •  Digital recording device to upload (for example, scanner or digital camera) to evidence

All information on the new identity card found in this article: New ID card: All information, cost and software to download.

apply for certificate: Cost Overview

A police certificate costs 13, - Euro. The amount is due when the application &# 8211; So brings the wherewithal, if you request the certificate in person. In some cases, the federal government sees it from collecting fees &# 8211; an overview of the exceptions found on this leaflet.

apply for certificateUntil you get the certificate, generally takes 1-2 weeks.

apply for certificate: duration of processing

It takes a little until the certificate arrives after the application with you: Usually 1-2 weeks pass before her criminal record will receive, sometimes it takes a little longer. Especially in applications or important dates for you need a certificate of good conduct, you should therefore be sure to submit the application early. In addition, no information about the current processing status are generally granted for privacy reasons and because of the high processing volumes.

How long the certificate is valid?

There is no legal provision that defines exactly how long a police certificate is valid because external circumstances (for example, a conviction) can occur and, in principle, always be able to influence the content of the certificate of. Therefore, a certificate is always reflected only the relevant knowledge at the time of the exhibition. How long this determination is accepted, varies from case to case. Most employers * or authorities usually accept certificates of good conduct, not older than three months (in some cases: no older than six months).

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