Enable or disable push notifications on Android

Via push notification you receive a message on the smartphone screen as soon as something new is happening in the app for. B. at a new WhatsApp message or a new eBay bid, you get the message directly on the smartphone screen, without having to open the app itself.

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The push notifications are visible when a lock screen is enabled. So you have direct line of sight when the phone vibrates again if phoned in to the device recently or if the observed eBay listing to an end.

What are push notifications?

Outside the lock screen can you push notifications on Android See if you draw the corresponding overview in the notification bar from the top of the screen down. Here z. B. WhatsApp messages, results from a live ticker and disappear.

push notifications

One drawback with the push notifications that an Internet connection must be available for the update. In addition, the app must be running in the background. This can result in increased battery consumption.

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Enable or disable push notifications on Android

Do you want to keep your battery consumption and mobile data consumption to a minimum, you can turn off push notifications.

  1. Opens to disable push notifications to Android settings.
  2. Calls on "Options" on the Application Manager.
  3. Addiction for the issue you want push notifications now from the list of installed apps, the application out.
  4. Removed the hook "show notifications" when.
  5. Even faster you reach the option to turn off notifications via push by her first draws the notification bar from the top of the smartphone screen.
  6. Pressed now to the message and keep it pressed for a few seconds.
  7. You will see a button labeled "App info".
  8. Once clicked, you reach the app options to turn off the notifications.

Enable or disable push notifications on Android

Now you will no longer be informed about news in the app on the Android screen.

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