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Without WhatsApp now goes on most smartphones no more. The instant messenger has established itself as a popular way to communicate on many Android devices, and let the SMS forgotten. With WhatsApp you can not only send messages but also send pictures and even videos. But how do you find a funny video WhatsApp?

The easiest way you can send a funny video via WhatsApp if their corresponding videos are already on the phone or at least on the hard drive of your PC you .. find out here how you can get video on the web directly to your smartphone and can not send. We also show you a selection of funny videos to help you search.

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  • So you can send WhatsApp Videos
  • The maximum size
  • Funny videos and where to find more videos


Send funny videos via WhatsApp

  1. To send them via WhatsApp a video, you open the UnlockVideos for WhatsApp free for sendingcomputing Chat and selects him the upper right of the paper clip.
  2. Here you look for the button "Video".
  3. From your gallery now you can select the appropriate funny video for WhatsApp.
  4. To send the video, the file on the smartphone memory must be located. Alternatively, you can also easily links from YouTube and other platforms at WhatsApp insert. Then a small preview box will appear in the chat. The video can be played directly in the text window.

Here you will find many funny clips!*

If you want to retrieve a message, you can see in our Photogallery how this works:

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

A lush source of WhatsApp videos found for. B. at *. Here you can click here to you through an extensive collection of more fun clips and download them automatically. however, noted that this is copyrighted material should share it only in private about WhatsApp.

Even with Twitter you can use you if you look for funny videos:

Tweets by TheFunnyVine

whatsapp-video-messageAbout the paper clip the top right you can send a funny WhatsApp Video

Will himself the director of your own funny video with a matching stand or a favorable selfie stick on the go:

More products on

Below you will find some tips for fun WhatsApp clips.

Here you will find WhatsApp Videos

To send videos with WhatsApp, you should this ideally already on the phone or at least on the hard disk are stored. In the following lines you find out how you Download WhatsApp Videos and can send, either directly on the Android device or iPhone or via the detour via hard drive. Advance should be said that while the detour via the PC requires a few more steps, but is more comfortable and better results to light. Finally, you can in the browser easily accessible from the PC keyboard will find fun and interesting video clips for WhatsApp and these first look in the browser. Source of WhatsAp- videos is of course particularly YouTube ..

The tool Video Download Helper for Firefox, or with the Free Download Manager for Chrome, you can save the videos on the phone and then send on to friends. Alternatively, you can download for WhatsApp even when Videportal no. 1 videos by its www between. and youtube in the address bar fits the abbreviation "ss", ie the URL umändert in "". Below you will find a small selection of funny videos WhatsApp. Gladly you can make further proposals to expand the repertoire of videos for sending in Messenger for other users in the comments.

WhatsApp Videos: maximum size

The app itself limits the maximum size when sending video to 16 MB and thus limits the duration. Do you want to share longer films via WhatsApp, it is recommended that the video for. B. upload via YouTube on the iPhone and mobile phone, and then share the link in the Contact WhatsApp group and the WhatsApp. Ignored when recording own video that you turn the resolution down to reduce the file size at a constant length.

WhatsApp: delete video files

If you a video sent via WhatsApp on your iPhone or smartphone, it is automatically stored on the Android store. If the space to be released again, you have to delete the video. Videos are handled in chat like normal text messages. Searches the corresponding video, hold the Fnger on the video and you will see the option to delete the file. Alternatively you click above on the name WhatsApp contact, or to the group. In the new window, the section applies &Media; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Examined the video out here. you can delete the WhatsApp video using the button to the left of the home button.

Funny videos WhatsApp - Animals, Comedy, Cult

In addition to the ability to record video for WhatsApp through the detour from the Internet to load on hard drive to the smartphone to make it then weiterzuversenden through Messenger, you can also come directly from the smartphone to a new video. Here we tell you which app you need for the video download and show more funny videos, which you can use for WhatsApp and Co..

For supply of funny WhatsApp videos directly on the phone the free app Free Video Downloader provides. With the video G-abber their movies from video portals can download on your Android device. YouTube videos can unfortunately for licensing reasons Not be charged with the grabber on your Android smartphone. A huge archive of funny clips from TV Total, videos with Carolin Kebekus and other sketches and more there is for sending in

Funny clips at MySpass*

FVD - Free Video DownloaderdownloadQR codeFVD - Free Video DownloaderDeveloper: Mobile SharkLabPrice: Free

Do you want to download YouTube videos with an Android smartphone that will help you the Android YouTube Downloader. can on YouTube you should a lot of funny videos for WhatsApp find. In the browser on your PC you can download course also easily YouTube videos, for example. As with the Firefox add-on Video Download Helper. These videos can you then simply via USB or z. B. Kies air move to the smartphone and then send them via WhatsApp. So you are the comedy king in your entire contact list.

Thus we find her funny movies for WhatsApp

Opens the Android app and selects from the left soft button on "sites" is offered, you want to upload your video from. The search box top right you can as after funny videos for WhatsApp search. Have you found what you wanted, you choose the video and choose "Download." After a short wait, the clip ends up on your Android device. Now you can, as described above, forward the corresponding funny video via WhatsApp to your friends.

whatsapp-funny-videos-DownloadThe Video Grabber provides you with funny videos for WhatsApp and Co.

Pay attention when downloading the videos that you are in a Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, the video download pulls per grabbers may your mobile data volume heavily affected.

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Article last updated on 09 February 2017

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