Amiga games: Play 10,000 games for free in the browser

From now on you Amiga game you can play in the browser and must no longer make do with emulators like WinUAE you. Is made possible by the Internet Archive, which say from now and write 10,000 Amiga games online provides &# 8211; including classics such as Lemmings, R-Type, Bubble Bobble and various Sierra graphic adventures.

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The Amiga was in the late 80s to early 90s one of the most popular game systems in Germany. Long before consoles and the PC reached its dominant position, the home computer of the American company Commodore was for some years the system of choice for gamers and for numerous classics responsible, to which just like to reminisce older semester. The Internet Archive will return this bygone era. After they made already in 2014 a number of MS-DOS games freely available, provides the archive immediately the enormous sum of 10,000 Amiga games ready &# 8211; a dream for game historians and fans of retro games.

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Amiga Collection Internet Archivelist all the available titles is more than 10,000 games impossible.

Amiga games for free online in browser &# 8211; Thanks to the Internet Archive

The highlight of the story: The Amiga games can you play directly in the browser &# 8211; So it does not require an Amiga emulator like WinUAE nor the Amiga Kickstart files. The archive loads all necessary files automatically &# 8211; So you need only supports a browser that supports HTML fifth If desired, you can download the games as ADF files &# 8211; but in this case, the path leads as previously via an emulator, also you need then the Kickstart ROMs that are not freely available.

Tip: If you want to emulate even the games but rather, whether you the Amiga emulator WinUAE to heart that has many preferences which the various Amiga models emulated (Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000, etc) and as well like all games supported. The Kickstart ROMs (the BIOS files without which nothing is running) you get for just under 10 euros as part of the package Amiga Forever.

This Amiga games there in the archive

10,000 games sounds extremely much &# 8211; and currently are also numerous classics from various genres on offer. From space shooter games, Jump and runs over strategy games to graphic adventures: Anyone who has ever owned an Amiga will discover right away some long-forgotten games of yesteryear. Here is a small selection of games available to date:

  • Double Dragon
  • R-Type
  • Lemmings 1 + 2
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Rick Dangerous 1 + 2
  • Nebulus
  • Arkanoid
  • Sim City
  • Various Sierra adventures (Police Quest, King's Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, etc.)
Amiga R-TypeIn the Internet Archive you will find numerous hits from the past &# 8211; among others, the classic space shoot-R-Type.

Some of the available games are indeed only demos &# 8211; given the large number of titles but there are enough full versions. The bigger problem so far is that not all titles are emulated easily &# 8211; Some games do not start spitting out weird error messages or get stuck in the start screen. These problems should be resolved in the coming weeks and months &# 8211; at the moment the HTLM5 emulation is not fully developed. Jason Scott, the project manager at the Internet Archive wrote on Twitter that there &# 8220; would be a billion things that would improve it and refine&# 8221 ;.

Interestingly, of course, the question of whether the project will be expanded in the future. Although numerous classics already available &# 8211; the very hot iron was investigated but so far in vain: Graphic hits like Turrican, the LucasArts adventures, the groundbreaking action games of the German cult Developer Thalion and the entire work of the Bitmap Brothers are missing at the moment &# 8211; whether there are the title is unclear, especially since there should be lizenrechtliche problems with some of these games certainly.

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Retro fans and those who want to be there yet, but should already have a lot of fun with the free Amiga games library. Take (at least) one afternoon off, reminisces and discovers a forgotten chapter of gaming history again!

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