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Test version of Microsoft Word 2013, which compared to the previous offers extensive new features and improvements.

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In which Download Microsoft Word 2013 is it is a substantially revised version of the popular word-processing program that came along with other Office programs such as Excel 2013 or PowerPoint 2013 as the program package Microsoft Office, 2013.

are immediately visible the changes in the new version of Word 2013 on the surface, which is now adapted to the surface of the Windows 8 operating system, Modern UI, whereby the program is also easy to operate by touch gestures. Furthermore, it was also the graphical operating concept Ribbon, which is implemented in the programs of the package for MS Office 2007, improved.

Microsoft Word 2013 Download &# 8211; New features: the reading mode

Various improvements on Microsoft Word 2013 relating to the reading mode. Documents to which it is currently operating can be displayed in this column in a view to simplify the reading of each open document clearly. Editing tools are hidden in this view, which also increases the overview, with the exception of the tools for "Search the Web", "defining" and "Translation".

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Microsoft Word 2013: Watch function and other optical features

Another new feature in Word 2013 is that the program to the point where you just are in read mode, notes and when you close and reopen the document addresses these again. This works even when you open an online document to another computer. Furthermore, you have by a double click of the mouse or a double tap with your finger, if you use a touch screen, at any time, the possibility of using the zoom to enlarge the open document or zoom out again. In addition, you can also parts of a document or hide it by clicking on the heading or typed.

The zoom is very easy to use in Word 2013

Read on the next page more about the extensive improvements in Word, 2013.

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