Read Windows 10-Key – Here’s how

The Windows 10-Key you not gets to see when you perform a Windows 10 upgrade for Windows 7 or Windows 8th We show you, how can you still try to read the Key of Windows 10th This works by CMD or with the program Windows Product Key Viewer.

211281Windows 10: product key read - Instructions

Danger: If you have upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 on Windows 10, does not reach the Windows 10-Key her, since the activation works differently here:

  1. The existing key from Windows 7 or 8 is converted into a Windows 10-key and saved with a hardware ID on Microsoft servers.
  2. If you want to reinstall it 10 on the computer Windows, you need only the old Windows-7 or -8-Key.
  3. Windows 10 compares then retrieves the stored entry on the Microsoft servers and is activated.

If you buy a Windows 10 license, you can find the corresponding key is usually in the packaging:

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Otherwise you can try read the Key as follows.

Read Windows 10-Key Read Windows 10-Key - Here's howWindows Product Key Viewer

To read the Windows 10-Key, you invite you download the Windows Product Key Viewer program. You need it but not to install, it is a portable version:

Windows Product Key Viewer reads the key on Windows 10thWindows Product Key Viewer reads the key on Windows 10th
  1. Extract the zip file and open the tool by double-clicking pkeyuibx.exe.
  2. A small Windows and a browser window opens. The latter is not required and can be closed again.
  3. The program is under the tab product key on the found Windows 10 license key.
  4. you copy it to the clipboard by clicking on the small icon to the right of Canada.
  5. Optionally you let you show the exact Windows version under System Information.

Alternatively, you can also try The Ultimate PID Checker tool, which also displays Windows product keys.

Windows Key read by CMD

By CMD (command prompt) you can only last 5 digits of your Windows Keys read. But this is often sufficient to find out you used on which computer you which Windows Key:

  1. Opens the prompt.
  2. Typing the following command: slmgr / dli
  3. Now you the last 5 digits of the product keys are displayed.

In Windows 10, but due to the activation function manner but useless, because only generic keys are displayed, you can not use for activation.

So you can be read out a part of your Windows Keys.CMD: Sun can be read out her a part of your Windows Keys.

Windows Key read from the BIOS

If your Windows key is stored in the BIOS of your PC, you can read it as follows:

  1. Opens the PowerShell.
  2. Typing the following command: (Get-WmiObject -query &# 8216; select * from SoftwareLicensingService&# 8217;) OA3xOriginalProductKey.
  3. Most often, the key is not but is stored in the BIOS. You will then receive an empty output.

Conclusion: read the Windows 10 Product Key is useless

The Windows Product Key Viewer tool shows you indeed a key under Windows 10 on, but this is just a generic product key that you do not need to reinstall Windows 10th

Under certain circumstances, you need to key in Windows 10 at all.You do not need the generic product key to activate Windows 10 in a new installation again.

It can lead to the fact that Windows is no longer possible to activate 10 when their typing it during the Windows 10 setup may even. This is due to the operation of how Microsoft already noted enabled Windows 10 systems and automatically re-enabled when you reinstall.


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