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Who is currently staying mobile with a smartphone on various websites will be redirected to a rogue Amazon raffle partly shortly after entering the requested grant, in which we should have won iPhone seventh However, this is a dubious pop-up data collectors.

The actual website that you have called is closed. Instead, place a redirect rather than the fake Amazon competition.

If you look at the address bar in the browser app shows that not Amazon is the source of the competition, but a similar site, as with the address "". If advertising displayed, you should close the browser window. A gain of the promised iPhones do not exist naturally.

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Amazon lottery: No iPhone, no virus, but questionable

No matter what device you get the ad, the text is mostly of "another Galaxy Grand Prime"-Usern, even if you have activated the website with a completely different model, the speech which are supposed to have already won. A nearly held countdown triggers pressure to miss the alleged profit, should not react and follow the instructions on the screen one.

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The emergence of Amazo lottery advertising is not attributable to a single web page, but appears in many websites on the net that provide really serious content.

  • If the banner displayed on the phone with you, you can first take a deep breath: The source is no virus or not with adware contaminated app. Bathes the fake Earnings Release for the iPhone 7, so no Trojan has landed on the smartphone.
  • Instead, the forwarding comes to a infected ad from a network. The display is therefore not played directly from the site.
  • Should you while reading a message on a large, well-known website to said side are passed, you can website operators point out about through the official Facebook page or by email. At the party, it is then to make the source of the fake lottery identify and block.
amazonoprime-comSo does the fake winning message.

Behind these fraudulent advertisements stuck most data collectors. and Co .: Fake Commercial browser

On a similar principle pop-ups that pretend to you, your Android phone is infected by viruses and malware work. Again, these are merely aggressive banners which want to forward the user to a mostly fee-based service. Elsewhere, we show you what you can do exactly against pop-up ads and how you can protect yourselves against costs falling.

Amazon lottery advertising on the iPhone and Android browsers - what is it?So other fake banner ads may appear.

Basically, you should be skeptical of contests and banners of this nature. "Random" is certainly not gaining in power in very few moments something, if you did not participate consciously in a raffle. However, an immediate threat to the personal data or even your own account does not exist at the mere calling of these ads. Only if you follow the prompts and about downloading an app or logs on alleged gambling services, a subscription or spam trap can snap shut.

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