Splinter Cell 7: Ubisoft confirms the development

Since the release of Splinter Cell: Blacklist four years ago, the fans are waiting for a new adventure with the agent Sam Fisher. It is now clear that there will definitely be another episode.

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The last adventure of agent Sam Fisher is now already back four years. Since that day, there was no announcement of a further episode. Rumors about a new Splinter Cell were made at the last year, but officially was nothing. But the series is definitely more.

Just about Splinter Cell has: cut blacklist GIGA test

Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft Publishers, now officially confirmed in a video interview, there will be definitely a Splinter Cell. 7 It claimed that there already several concepts for such a game. The developers take this moment more closely and will ultimately choose one.

Here you can Splinter Cell: Blacklist order*

Moreover, Guillemot asserted that in the foreseeable future probably also something from the new Splinter Cell will be seen. However, the fans must wait a bit. More details could not be the Ubisoft CEO entlocken.Vor 2018 but probably not to be expected with an announcement of the title.


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