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Who is looking for a new love, new acquaintances or just a quick contact, now finds many different dating apps that facilitate flirting. One of the most famous love apps is Lovoo. But how Lovoo actually work?

How does Lovoo? Chatting and flirting with radar

Lovoo stands out from the competition, especially by his flirtation radar off. This shows with the help of the GPS signal in the smartphone in flirt willing men and women in the area. Lovoo is available for free for Android smartphones and iPhone.

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How does Lovoo? Flirting with radar

That you love Willige can find around you, you must first create a profile. Just as the download and use, and thus create the profile in Lovoo is free. Unlike Tinder you need not connect to Facebook an account with Lovoo. However, you can have your Facebook or Twitter login use to carry out the registration. Alternatively, you give a valid e-mail address.

  • Lovoo works on both the smartphone and the computer.
  • When setting up the profile you have to choose an appealing name as possible.
  • In addition, a profile image must be uploaded and different interests and personal information which should make you palatable for other seekers specify.
  • Using your photos can you provided with hashtags so that they are found by others Lovoo users easier.
  • Now you must still specify which radius you flirt partners want looking at what age they should be and want to get displayed if you profiles of men or women (or both).
  • After signing her potential love interests gets displayed as points in the Love radar.
  • Above, you can expand or reduce the radius of the radar display at Lovoo.
  • Do you choose one of the points that get their information on the profile, including profile picture, age and name.
  • Moreover, you can directly send a message icon to the profile owner - via the "+".
  • If you will be annoyed by continual requests, you can activate an instant blocker at Lovoo.
  • Specific users can you "follow" to remain on new photos, posts and more up to date.
  • From time to time are held at Lovoo challenges. Here photos must be uploaded on a specific topic, the authors of the best photos will appreciate the gains.

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How it works Lovoo

The basic functions of Lovoo are free. Who additional features such. B. wants to claim a highlighted profile in the search results or preferential treatment of their own messages in full mailboxes, can his Lovoo account to VIP upgrade. With us you will find information about the Lovoo costs. We also show you what you can do if Lovoo login does not work and where to find Lovoo codes for premium accounts.

How does Lovoo? Chatting and flirting with radar

We show you also how the Lovoo verification work. In addition, you learn from us what Lovoo matches.


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