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The StartUp BlueStacks offers Android fans with the BlueStacks App Player for Windows the ability to have Android apps run on a Windows PC. BlueStacks has thereby quickly secured a place among the best Android emulators next to Andy.

Originally it was planned so that frequently used Windows software should come as an app on Android devices. This began with desktop tools like the Firefox or Opera and should not stop there long.

use Android apps on your PC: BlueStacks App Player Download

Meanwhile there are so many independent exclusive applications on the Android devices that so many PC users would now wish to make these apps run on his computer. Of the BlueStacks App Player Download makes this possible: Finally Android apps can also run on the PC and it operated with a mouse and keyboard.

173833Winload BlueStacks App Player VideoThe BlueStacks App Player Download works much like an Android emulator and attaches itself as a gadget on the desktop of your computer fixed. After opening the player will display ten pre-installed apps from the Play Store, which you can immediately use in full-screen mode.

BlueStacks App Player Pro version, system requirements and app categories

With the free Download BlueStacks App Player get it will also be able to download up to 26 more apps and use. The planned Pro version of BlueStacks App Player should be able to hold many apps unlimited. It is understood, on the official website of the developers that older netbooks and tablets on which their BlueStacks have installed and running, let's could suffer from performance problems.

BlueStacks App Player

Selects the category Games, Music, Kids, pictures, social, messaging and news of your favorite Android apps and let them quickly and run in full-screen on your PC, tablet or netbook.

You already have some selling apps on your phone and would like to use this on other devices? Then uses the comfortable Cloud Connect feature, the BlueStacks App Player to transfer the applications from your phone to your computer.

With version 2 of the BlueStacks app player, the surface of the emulator has been completely redesigned; among other things, it is now possible to open multiple apps in tabs.

Note: Due to a bug, the input mask of Blustack App Player is calibrated on an American keyboard. To enter the email address, the Shift and 2 are entered for the @ sign must therefore. Other characters must be entered as on the American keyboard.

  • Install New Apps
  • Transfer apps from smartphones
  • 26 limited number of apps


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